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Lead Generation Tips for a Brick & Mortar Business

Jun 24, 2008
Business owners who have brick and mortar businesses have many means at their disposal for lead generation. One, as a business with a physical location, prospective customers can walk in and look around.

A lot of brick and mortar businesses choose to attend networking events in their area. This could include events like a Chamber of Commerce networking luncheon or perhaps more ad hoc opportunities such as telling people at your child's school's PTA meeting. This could get people to come in and see your business.

Word of mouth advertising, namely satisfied customers referring your business to their friends. Sometimes, this is just as simple as asking your customers for referrals. You should make a point of letting your customers know that you're always looking for new business.

Brick and mortar businesses shouldn't neglect opportunities to build their brand within their own community. Use your local paper. These will usually be relatively affordable to advertise in and can keep your businesses name out there in your neighborhood.

Community events are another good way to generate leads. For instance, your business can sponsor events or sports teams. People taking part in the events will of course see your name prominently featured at the event and on promotional materials for the event. As a bonus, your local media will usually cover such events, which essentially acts as free advertising!

The names of companies who are sponsoring the event will often be cited within the news story. Depending on your local paper's policies, you may even be briefly interviewed about your involvement with the event. This is the best kind of advertising there is and lends credibility to you and your business.

These days, even a brick and mortar business which is well known in its area and is a veritable pillar of the community still needs to have a website it truly has become a requirement to do business in our connected age. Your business will be well served by having a site, even in your own community. Local customers can refer to your site for hours, location and so on.

Customers who do not live in the area will have your website as a point of introduction to your business. Of course, you can add a shopping cart to your site so that people can even purchase from you online.

By taking advantage of all of the various marketing tools available to them, brick and mortar businesses can amass all the leads they need to keep growing in their own community, the web and beyond.
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