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Marketing To The Masses Through Article Distribution

Aug 17, 2007
Have you ever considered submitting articles to get your marketing message out and/or drive traffic to your websites...?

Here are some ideas and tips that can get you started:

Use article distribution services to get your articles in ezines. Some services will specifically distribute your articles to ezine owners who desperately need good content, but do not want to create it themselves. If your article gets selected for even a few of these ezines, you will receive a considerable traffic spike.

Always include quantifiable benefits when writing an ezine article, and actually tell the truth. For instance, if you say 'make $1000 in 10 days' people will actually be interested in that and believe it is possible at the same time. Distorting or massively exaggerating the benefits wont help at all; it will make the article look like a scamand an attempt to mislead more than anything else.

Your prospects will appreciate your honesty and through time will come to trust your judgement and recommendations

Become a special report provider for ezine owners. Offer to give them monthly reports that contain exclusive or limited,distribution content. Each of these reports could contain a detailed description of some technique, along with some type of link to upsell them on a product of yours that makes the process easier.

Use psychological triggers when writing an ezine article. At the very least try to make the title and text flow. Make it catchy! A headline that uses words like 'proven' 'shocking' 'powerful' 'secrets' will always get more attention than one that simply states the title in drab unemotional wording.

Most importantly set out to inform the reader as much as is possible in 400,600 words. 'How to' articles are always popular because they serve the reader making them feel that they have actually learned something and are better off for reading your text.

The whole point of the article is to encourage the reader to seek more information in your resource box where you will promote your business.

If your article looks like one long sales pitch with no informative qualities at all you will have lost your prospect, who will simply stop reading and click away, with no chance of gaining a subscriber or customer.

In closing...

Article distribution is one of the most powerful ways to market effectively online. All the top 'gurus' are using this tactic in their arsenal of strategies and it maybe time you came on board too.
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Mal Keenan is editor and publisher of Home Business Ideas Newsletter.
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