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How to Leverage Your Esthetician Training and Get Your Dream Job

Jun 24, 2008
The cosmetology industry is currently booming, despite the economic downturn. If theyre savvy enough, people who have been through esthetician training and are fresh out of beauty school can make a ton of money in the $20 billion per year industry. So how do you, the cosmetologist who has a ton of esthetician training under your belt, leverage your education and land your dream job?

There are several tricks that you can do that will help you to find the career you love. To be honest, you should start looking for jobs while youre still working through your esthetician training. Before you take your state exams and get your license, get to know the salons in your area. Talk to the managers and let them know when youre scheduled to graduate. Many managers are always on the lookout for people who have solid esthetician training, and youll be surprised at how open they are to offering jobs.

If you have done the legwork in advance and already know several potential employers before you graduate, you will have a leg up on other soon to be grads with esthetician training. Additionally, try to get work as an assistant in a salon while you are still enrolled in school. This will give you the opportunity to figure out what types of salons you like best, saving you time and effort in the future.

Another benefit of working in a salon before you graduate is the knowledge you will accumulate from others who have had far more esthetician training than you do. You will learn different ways to cut and style hair, which you can take with you wherever you go. With this extra, out of class esthetician training, you will be far more marketable to managers looking to hire than if you spent your spare time out of the salon.

It also helps if you can specialize in an area, perhaps by taking an advanced class or two before you graduate. Again, this helps you to become more marketable and distinguishable from the other recent grads that are probably talking to the same managers you are.

In addition to all this, make sure you utilize your schools job placement services. If you do this while systematically applying to salons in your community (where the likelihood of running into and networking with other alumni high, and the salon managers are aware of your schools reputation), you should land a job where you can put your esthetician training to use in no time.
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