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Triple S, Your Million Dollar Marketing Plan

Jun 24, 2008
I wish you could see me right now, I am literally jumping out of my skin as I write this portion of our journey, this concept was one that was shared with me by one of the most prolific marketing minds of our time, Joe Polish, and it is a learning that will forever change your business mind. How would you like to know three words, that if understood, will literally stuff so much cash in your accounts you may need to invent new ways of spending it...thought you might...

"Sift, Sort, Screen..."

Did I just blow your mind? I am sure you are saying, "No dummy, I have seen those words before in my everyday life, where is the secret?" And if you're saying that than your mind is right where I want it! This is the very mantra that I want echoing in your head whenever you do any work in your business, or design any marketing for your MLM business. This concept explains exactly what marketing should do, and understanding the big picture will literally allow you to blow the doors off of any MLM company you choose, and it also is in direct opposition to the age old lie in our business of the 3 foot rule (you know this one, tell everyone within 3 feet about your produce, and if nobody is within three feet, move closer...), because I have a surprise for you, "Not everyone is your prospect!"

Good marketing is meant to sift through the crowd, sort the interested parties, and screen those you don't want to be working with. This concept shocks most MLM'ers that all still believe that anyone should and could be in this business, so they design their marketing plans to simply include everyone, design their marketing to attract everyone, and as a result they end up attracting nobody. As everyone knows, if you try to please everyone you won't end up pleasing anyone. This is also part of the reason why systems are so necessary. The idea of going through enough people to find interested parties, than finding out if they are interested in only the product, or the opportunity, or both, and also repelling people that you don't want to work with all sounds like an overwhelming task, and if left up to only you, it is overwhelming.

That is why you must begin to think in the mindset of a systems builder, not a prospecting mindset. How refreshing would it be to create marketing that targets exactly the type of person you want to build your business with, have a system that qualifies them, and then a process of educating them so that by the time they get to you they want to know more...for most MLM'ers this is a dream that they never get to realize because they are still stuck in the marketing strategy of attracting everyone. Remember good marketing should both attract and repel, this balance is key.

Now think with me for a moment, who are you desiring to attract? Moms that are looking to make some extra money, frustrated middle managers wanting to escape corporate america, retirees looking to supplement social security, serial entrepreneurs that want to build a business? Maybe it is a category that I haven't even thought of, but you can see that by getting specific on who you want to sift, sort and screen your way through, it allows you to produce powerful marketing that will speak directly into the hearts of those that you are looking to attract. Everyone has tried the "one size fits all" make your list approach, and we all know that people are all very different sizes so this approach often ends with a lot of frustration and then you leave and try another company that then tells you to make the same list, "Stop the insanity!" (pardon the goofy diet quote :))

Let's begin to design the marketing systems to sift sort and screen your way through your chosen audience, and most importantly let's not forget to repel the people you don't want to work with. This too is an important part of "Agent Triple S" as the people you attract will become friends, partners, and long time associates, so don't get suckered into working with people that you don't want to work with. I will tell you that I "fire" clients all the time, and that is also why I rarely do personal coaching/consulting because I am selective about who I let in to the inner circle of my life. Your business is no different! If you're in doubt, don't. Hopefully if you have designed your marketing system well, the people you don't want to work with won't even respond to your marketing system, and if they happen to slip through, weed them out quick!

So remember friend, as you now sit and put pen to paper to design your marketing funnel keep in mind your secret weapon, "Agent Triple S" and let your creativity run wild with creating this system. Don't worry, we'll rein in your creative methods and help you adapt them to proven concepts along the way, but for now, go ahead and make them your own.
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