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Cash Gifting: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Cash Gifting

Igor Mosyak
Jun 24, 2008
Today's safe and secure, Internet-based cash gifting programs offer you the opportunity to make loads of money quickly as well as to develop lifelong residual income streams. Your family can enter into an entirely new realm of financial freedom and independence. Imagine having the money and time necessary to enjoy the following:

* That new sports car that you have dreamt about since you were just a child;
* A new country home where the air is clean and you are unaffected by the negative elements so common in cities;
* A bank account that keeps growing and growing until it almost embarrasses you - almost;
* Your children's college funds being well-stocked and ready for usage when they are ready to use them;
* The ability to travel the world at will - and run your business from anywhere!

It is all so close to you right now. Can you see it? Can you sense it? All that is necessary is a leap of faith and an investment. In every business endeavor, if success is to be experienced, an investment must be made. You must invest in your future if you want anything more than a common worker's lifestyle. That is a non-arguable fact.

So, assuming that you are ready to commit to your own future, and develop sustainable wealth for your family, let us take a look at the three most common mistakes made by those who are attempting to develop a home-based cash gifting business:

1. People are quitters.

1.1. They really can't help it; it is driven into them since birth. An entrepreneur has a spirit that cannot be dissuaded. You have to persevere when others quit to make your cash gifting business thrive. It is no different than any other business, personal or spiritual endeavor. Persistence and determination are the keys to all success.

2. You must understand that Internet marketing is all about promotion.

2.1. The Internet grants us, as individual business persons, the capacity to touch the world with simplistic ease. Use that power! Internet marketing is about promoting opportunities to others so that there is mutual benefit. Too many people assume that a home-based business is automated to the point where they do not really have to promote their opportunity. That is why over 99% of all Internet businesses fail within six months.

3. Being a hunter instead of the hunted.

3.1. Your job as an Internet marketer of cash gifting is to become the hunted - not to go out hunting for prospects. You make them come to you by presenting them with a sold business opportunity and then allowing them to make their own decisions. When you try to sell them, you will fail. When you pre-sell them and allow them to think for themselves, they will come to you and open themselves to your opportunity.

To be a success is uncommon. Most people settle into their lives feeling that as long as they can make due, they will deal with the rest. An entrepreneur believes in more than the mundane existence of the common worker. Entrepreneurs are those who long for extraordinary experiences and results and are fully willing to embrace any obstacles that may surface along the way to those goals. Start today to make your cash gifting entrepreneurial goals into realities. Let nothing stand in your way.

Cash gifting can bring all of your dreams home to you.
About the Author
Igor Mosyak holds the MBA and BS in International Business and Marketing from University of Maryland at College Park. Igor has an extensive knowledge in marketing and advertising from his previous experience and current career in the world of International and Domestic Real Estate activities. Igor made a difference for himself and his family by tapping into the world of residual income and obtaining a financial freedom.

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