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How To Provide A Good Customer Support?

Jun 24, 2008
Customer support means a support or assistance product manufacturers provide their customers. Customer support is also the assistance or service given by website owners to their visitors. Customer service is necessary especially for the consumer of your products or services. Thus, having a good customer support is always a good practice. It helps your consumers trust your product and enjoy their purchase from you.

What are the types of customer support available?

Traditional customer support services

* Mail-in service - the manufacturer will repair the product if you mail it to them. You of course, cannot do this for a machine.
* Carry-in service - the manufacturer will repair the product if you bring it to them.
* On-site service - the manufacturer will send a repairperson to you. Oftentimes, you may need to pay for the repairperson's job.
* Hot line - you call and ask the operator for help on the problem with the product.

Modern customer support

This is of course that preferred way.

* Live Chat support - this is one of the best customer support services available. You go online, chat with the repairperson and the product gets fixed right there. You may also inquire about installation or some details regarding the product.
* Email support - email is available anytime and anywhere you are. It is therefore easy to send your queries and receive responses to your requests.
* Voice support - customers always requires communicating with a person, thus the voice support is always preferred. However, they may be issues with voice support like not enough operators to attend to your customers.

In any of the above modern customer support services, a webmaster, or a manufacturer cannot handle it on his own. He may need to hire people, train them, and ensure that they can deliver his messages accurately. This is going to be tedious if you will do the customer support service while working on other aspects of your business.

It is therefore fitting that you partner with a customer support provider. It is best to hire the customer support partner that have the live chat support, email support and voice support all in their present infrastructure. If not, you may be remiss on some aspect of the customer support.

You may also choose to outsource your business process and customer support to international providers where cost of money is lower. Consider their infrastructure, the skill level of their agents and the clients they serve. This will help you know if this customer support provider is the best for you and your products.

Wherever you outsource your customer support, ensure that you protect your business by hiring skilled customer support providers. This will ensure your business will grow with the trust and confidence of happy customers.
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