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Setting Up A Sunglasses Store - All About Location

Jun 24, 2008
When you are setting up an off line sunglasses shop, you need to be aware of the location of the shop. The demographics of the shop will determine what type of product you can offer and how much you can charge.

You have several options when it comes to setting up a sunglasses shop off line. Each one mandates that you sell a certain type of product and operate your business in a certain manner. The options available to you when setting up a sunglasses store are as follows:

In a mall

You can set up a sunglasses shop in a mall, although you will want to set it up in a kiosk rather than regular store. The reason for this is that while a sunglasses shop is profitable, the rent that you will most likely have to pay in a mall store will eat away at most of the profits. You can make more money if you set up your sunglasses store in a kiosk in the center of the mall and sell from this venue.

Although a mall may end up costing you more in rent, you will have the advantage of limitless exposure to potential customers. You can also expect to sell high end sunglasses, such as those offered by designers, that will net you a bigger profit.

In a strip mall

A stand alone sunglasses store may work if you offer discount prices on top name brands. People will often travel out of their way to get a good deal on a purchase. If you set up a store in a strip mall, be prepared to outsell the competition by offering the top name brands in sunglasses at low prices.

The advantages of selling at a strip mall are that the rent does not usually cost as much as at the mall. The disadvantages are that you cannot expect the same traffic flow. This is why you need to have a product that is unique, such as discounted sunglasses.

At a flea market or stall

If you have an outdoor or indoor flea market, you can make money with your portable sunglasses store. Some flea markets are located inside of buildings and will allow you to set up permanently. You have the advantage of getting a steady flow of clientele and rock bottom rent prices.

The disadvantage of setting up a sunglasses store in a flea market are that the customers will all want rock bottom prices. You will have to offer cheaper quality products so that you can make a profit.

No matter where you set up your off line sunglasses store, make sure that you study the demographics of the individuals who will shop at your store and purchase sunglasses that will net you the most profit.
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