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Answering Your Promotional Products Questions

Jun 24, 2008
Have you ever went to a bank and signed your paperwork with a pen? Chances are good that the pen had the bank's information printed on it. Promotional products are everywhere we look. We go to a fair and receive bags filled with promotional products from the different vendors hawking their wares.

It is hard to get through a day without seeing at least a few of these products and samples that are continuously being given out in the hopes of enticing us into buying from that company. If you have always wondered about promotional products and how to receive promotional products, what they are and how you can make your own promotional products, this article is for you.

What types of companies use promotional products?

Companies that want to drum up business use promotional products. It may be the small business on the corner that is giving out free soda cozies with their business information printed on them. It could be a huge company that is giving away or selling t-shirts that feature their logo. The point is that there is no limit on who can use a promotional product.

What is the deal with all of the celebrity endorsements on promotional products?

From that t-shirt that Paris Hilton is wearing to the limited edition Camel jacket, celebrities are endorsing products left and right. Why? Because they get the promotional products free and the company in turn gets their place in the spotlight. People will buy a line of clothing from a designer if they see their favorite celebrity wearing them.

What are some websites to receive promotional products?

There are some really great websites that help members find out where to turn for free promotional products. One of these websites is "Deal Of The Day". You will have to become a member to gain access to their forums and find the best deals that other members have posted but it is certainly worth the time it takes. It does not cost anything to join and you will rest easier knowing that you are not falling for some form of scam job that wants you to jump through hoops in order to receive their free item.

Can I sell my promotional products I have received?

Of course you can sell any promotional product you have gained from a company. Some may be limited edition items that are hard to come by and so you want to be able to sell them for a profit.

The best place to sell your promotional products would definitely be EBay. You can list the items and then let someone bid on them. You could also try advertising your products in local newspapers or trade magazines.
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