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A Professionals' Toolbox: Ohio Zip Code Map

Jun 24, 2008
Every professional has a few tools or tricks that become staples of their trade. Just little things that make the work easier, saves them time or that they just can't work without. It could be anything from an expensive computer program to a simple Rolodex. An Ohio zip code map can be one such tool for many different industries. It's inexpensive and easily portable.

One such industry is real estate. Real estate agents can definitely benefit from the use of an Ohio zip code map. Since it shows boundaries, it's easy for them to mark off their service area. It's also a good visual for mapping out open houses and directions for clients as well as a good way to learn about a new area an agent may decide to work.

An Ohio zip code map can even work great as a visual for your clients. If you've got buyers with a certain criteria, such as wanting to live in one particular school district, you can map out all the homes that fall in that district and use it as part of your presentation. And since you can purchase a map online for a low price, it's available instantly AND you can print as many copies as you need over and over again. An Ohio zip code map can be used in many ways to try and keep an agent organized and efficient.

The owners or managers of stores in any sort of chain may find the purchase of an Ohio zip code map as useful as well. It's important to have something to show the different chain locations for people both on the website, and perhaps even in each store. This makes it easy for customers to choose the store nearest them. If you're a smaller chain, it may be fun to run contests or games for your customers, such as a scavenger hunt using the map. It's a great promotional deal and good PR for any business.

Last, but certainly not least, an Ohio zip code map is a wonderfully inexpensive way for teachers to spice up their geography lessons. Most children start learning about maps and geography at a fairly young age, so what better way to get them familiar with their town than showing them a zip code map of the area? Zip code maps are perfect for younger children because they only include major roads and landmarks so they're not as cluttered as a typical road map or atlas. They also clearly mark off zip code boundaries.

Since teachers often have to purchase classroom materials with their own money, a one time payment of under $20 for lifetime access to an Ohio zip code map is a cheap visual aid to add to your resources. Educators can print them out for lessons, games and visual aids. They can begin teaching the language of "giving directions," an ability necessary for interaction with other people in just about any culture. It's also a way of teaching kids where they live and familiarity with their area, which can be as important to their safety as knowing their own address and phone number.

A zip code map of Ohio can be put to many more uses then those mentioned, but it's a start for professionals in real estate or education. The possibilities are endless, and since you can find one for just about every county in the United States, they could really be used for just about any industry out there in some way, shape or form. It's all a matter of how creative your thinking, how sharp your problem solving skills are and whether or not you're interested in finding tools that can save you time, money, stress or a combination of all three.
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The author, Randolph Harker works with ZipCodeGuy.com in marketing and media awareness. He focuses on copywriting and brainstorming crazy and unique ways to utilize zip code maps. You can find out more about an Ohio zip code map or Randolph himself at his website.
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