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Ebay Digital Product Ban: E-book Seller Options

Jun 24, 2008
If you are an eBay e-book seller, then you may have noticed the recent ban on digital products from the auction site. Not only did you just notice this ban, you were most likely furious and offended and probably swore out never to use eBay again. But there is a legitimate reason for eBay to implement the ban -- unethical eBay members have been selling digitally delivered products just to obtain positive feedback. Such an abuse, apparently, is unacceptable to eBay. And because of this, all of the legitimate digital e-book and downloadable product sellers had to pay the price.

So what are our options? As an Internet marketing specialist, and having been successful in more than one endeavor, I know that there are always options; here are just few:

One option, I've seen many take, is to quit selling digital media on eBay completely. The obvious drawback to this option is that the number of zeros in your bank balance may start to wane.

Another option, that some e-book sellers have taken, is to outsource your informational products to distribution companies. Basically, you send your digital product to a distributor, and the distributor produces the CDs or DVDs for you, as well as ships the products out to your customers. This can be a great route, if you are comfortable entrusting a large part of your business structure to an outsourcer. However, the marketing campaign is still in your court. If you draw no traffic, it doesn't matter if you have magic elves helping you ship the products, you simply won't sell.

A third option (a lateral option that I recommend), that many have yet to discover, is to learn how you can turn your digital media products into hard shippable products in a few easy steps, and showcasing them all on a well marketed website of your own. An important thing to note here, is that we are not leaving eBay out of our marketing campaign -- keeping eBay as one of your marketing tools is one of the smartest things an Internet marketer can do. In fact, this is such an important and diverse topic that it will require a separate article to cover.

Internet marketing is not difficult, if you have the right knowledge and know-how to generate qualified traffic to your website. If you are quick on your feet, you will notice that the lateral option is probably the best option for most sellers affected by the digital product ban. Not only is it the best option, it is the most practicable route to take.

It is without a doubt that transforming digital products into hard shippable goods, coupled with a smartly implemented Internet marketing campaign, will help many digital product eBay e-book sellers to get back on their feet, and even take off onto higher levels of profit, despite the eBay digital product ban.
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