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Clickbank Is A Way To Make Money Online

Jun 25, 2008
It is no problem whether you have just got involved in internet marketing or have been involved with it for some you will still be looking for easy but profitable ways to make money through the use of affiliate marketing. So one really can't go wrong if you choose to sell Clickbank products. Yet Clickbank when you look closely at it, it isn't an affiliate network in the strictest meaning of the words. Clickbank is an online market place where products can be safely purchased by those customers wishing to buy them.

In a press release that Clickbank sent out just over a year ago they announced that during the first day's trading of 2007 they had managed to make over $1 million worth of sales. Then since this time it has been a regular occurrence for more than $1 million worth of sales to have taken place on any given day.

But it is not only Clickbank's daily sales figures which are proving to be impressive; there are other statistics which you can look at with regard to Clickbank which are proving to be just as impressive. It is these statistics which will provide you with some reasons why it is worth considering using Clickbank as a way of providing you with a regular source of income online.

1. Today Clickbank has more than 1.25 million registered affiliates and of these 100,000 are active and more than 12,000 are publishers.

2. At the current rate the sales taking place on Clickbank each day are running at more than 30% what they were in 2007.

3. Currently there are more than 35,000 products listed by Clickbank and each and every day a further thirty new products are being added to this list.

4. Today the average price of products that are now being sold on Clickbank work out at about $41. Plus the average rate of commission that the affiliates earn through selling such products is 55%.

5. The average number of sales which take place on any given day on Clickbank is around 25,000.

Clickbank's strength lies in the fact that it caters both for affiliates and also publishers and this means that the average customer has the chance to decide whether to promote their own product or to promote someone else's instead. But really what is making Clickbank such a success is the 70% of sales that are generated by its affiliates. Promoting any one of the many products that are offered by Clickbank is a sure way of being able for you to generate an income quickly.

There are several ways in which a person can promote Clickbank products the easiest of these being to set up a blog where you provide a review of the product in question along with further information about it. The other way that many people find useful to promote Clickbank products is by writing articles and then submitting one of the numerous online article directories. Through the resource box on these articles one is able to provide a link which will then direct the reader to your sales page or blog.

The other method to promoting Clickbank products used by some marketers is to created adverts which are then placed on pay per click networks like Google Adsense. But you need to master the techniques related to creating the right kinds of adverts which will help to ensure that you get a regular income from those Clickbank products which you want to promote. But this is not the best method to use unless you are someone who has had plenty of experience in relation to working with Pay Per Click Ads previously.

Also what you need to remember that being a publisher on Clickbank is relatively easy. Yes you will need to have something that you want to sell, but anything that needs to be written in order to promote that item can be done through outsourcing the work to specialist writers. For example you could purchase a Private Label Rights e-book that relates to your chosen product and then alter it to make it relate to you. Once any articles or e-books you have published are listed then you will have access to even more potential new affiliates.

So you haven't tried Clickbank yet, then isn't it about time you did. Take a few minutes just to look at what they have to offer and I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.
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