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The Best Kind Of Customer - Desperate Buyers Only

Aug 17, 2007
When I started out creating infoproducts it always bothered me as to who exactly I should be targeting.

Who was my audience, who would actually buy information over the internet?

Sure, it's easy to find niches on the net. To find a market that people are searching for, but that doesn't necessarily mean that these same people will buy from you.

The trick is to go after a certain type of person. Someone who has a problem that need solving, who is looking for a soluttion so keenly that they're eager to hand over their credit card details in return for the chance to ease their pain.

You need a desperate person!

If you can somehow zero in on people who will do anything to, for example, cure there acne, who wish to stop their pain - be it physical or emotional, then you can sure sell to them!

This may sound a little heartless but really, you're just filling a need and it's your duty to cash in on it ;)

So, spend your time on forums in whichever niche you choose and take note of the questions that are being asked. In particular home in on the people who really have pressing troubles and need a solution.

Do some keyword research to find sub-niches within your niche and in time you will build a picture of what it is that your target market are after.

Then all you have to do is supply it to them ;)

Once you've got your audience you have to solve their problem. And here we come to one of the great secrets of Internet Marketing. You can repackage free information and sell it!

The truth is that people are lazy and they will generally rather pay for information and know that it will answer all of their queries in one place, rather than hunt around for the info themselves. Even if their own research would save them money.

So it's up to you to do the research for them. Repackage it into an attractive ebook or audio set that will answer their most desperate questions and then give it to them for a fee. Simple.

But how do you get across to your customer what your product is about and more importantly how do you convince them that only your product will do the job for them? Author Alexis Dawes has recently brought out a new ebook that answers this question better than any ebook in recent memory. She has devised her own methods of writing a sales letter and she calls it the "5 point fish hook".

Successful sales letters all have similar characteristics and very basically they follow this formula. Identify the problem, explain why the problem hasn't been solved, identify the solution and convince the buyer that your solution is their best bet. Obviously there is a lot of fine tuning to be done to that formula - but very basically that is how to get people to buy.

So, with a market hungry for your product, an informative product and a killer sales letter - your new career awaits. Remember, it's no good climbing a ladder and then realising you've been pointing it at the wrong wall - identify your market first and the riches will follow!
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