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List Of Home Based Businesses - Green Beret Style

Jun 25, 2008
Almost all Network Marketing Systems are going to have their Lunch EATEN but the new breed of Network Marketers. The old system has training that is very slow to change and as a result is not keeping up with Technology. Are you in a dead organization right now. If you are keep reading, you will find it interesting to say the least.

True Financial Freedom can be achieved so grab your List of Home Based Businesses and get ready to score them. The following is a short list of criteria that should be used in scoring a Network Marketing Opportunity. Financial Freedom takes work, but it takes a great deal of work if the opportunity you join is not prepared to assist you in reaching greatness.

Now those of you that are successful Network Marketers are fuming at me right now for making these statements, but those who have not experienced success in Network Marketing will find this article very interesting. Why is the failure rate for Network Marketing so high?

First you have to fix your system. You are going to need to search our a Global Mentor. This is someone that understands the newest technologies in reaching the masses. This person must be making a living by doing this not just someone who paid someone else to restate what that person told them. They need real world experience. Do you have $ 50,000 to get them to train you...you don't, then you are going to have to join a network marketing group that practices this each and every day.

Before we go on, let me make one thing perfectly clear, Network Marketing is the future but not in its current form. The current form is dying and the sorry part about it is that the top achievers do not care. They continue the same practices and keep their new techniques to themselves or to a small handful on inner circle associates.

Each day another 175,000 websites are added to the internet. This is why you must have access to cutting edge technology if you are going to succeed. Oh and just for your information, a standard website is dead in the water if you are trying to get it ranked highly in the search engines. NO CHANCE at all, unless you know what we know.

Who is the trainer..the person that has developed the training system for the team. If the answer is the company does the training....walk away...dead opportunity. In todays Global Market a Network Marketing Company cannot change fast enough.

Let me guess, the opportunity tells you that you should contact everyone you know and get a presentation if front of them. They do this to get to your contacts so if you are not successful hopefully someone you gave them will be. RUN AWAY from this system. It is unethical and it is dead.

Going Global in less than 6 months, how are they going to get your business to do this? 95% + will not be able to assist you in this important task. Pin them down and get them to answer this and commit to it.

The opportunity needs to have a training system that teaches through video, teleconference, webinars, audio, ebooks, integration of new software and the list keeps going. Make sure they have these items to train you.

This is a short list of important items you should be looking for. If the Network Marketing Opportunity you are looking at or are in does not offer these items, then find a new one. If you want more information on this subject, click on the link in the resource box at the bottom of the page. Take action and make sure to use your List of Home Based Businesses and qualify each one.
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