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Web Development - Cleaning House Never Felt So Good

Jun 25, 2008
The more things change the more they change. I know you've always heard that the more things change the more they stay the same, but it's just not true in an online world.

It seems that as soon as you learn some new online skill the rules change or morph into something altogether different. I suppose this is why it can be a little intimidating for entrepreneurs wanting to take their stamp of individuality and impress an online world. Do they ever really know if they're doing things correctly?

Very specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills that were talked about in the 1990s would be practically meaningless for someone wanting to make the best use of SEO in the 21st century. Why? Things have changed. The role of SEO has succumbed to a game of give and take and the playing field is much more balanced as a result.

Imagine if you were one of those business owners that found it easy to rocket to the top of the search engine ranking for your search term. You would be very disappointed to learn that the old rules no longer applied. You not only had to learn the new rules you lost your place in line.

Changes aren't exclusive to SEO. There are changes in web design and development. Marketing has benefited greatly from Real Simple Syndication (RSS). The use of audio and video has become key elements in promotion.

Online users are making it known that they want an interactive experience. The things that may seem boring to visitors today was cutting edge not so long ago. There is always a thirst for more, better and different.

Sometimes a key to improvements might actually be to simplify and declutter. Take some time to honestly review your website. Sure you've got a lot of bells and whistles, but which ones are beginning to sound off key?

The truth is you don't have to replace those items right away. Clean things up and remove the dead weight from your site. Once you strip away the clutter you can roll out new design features in much the same way software makers launch new upgrades. Call it site design 2.0. Make a big deal out of letting visitors know what new tool or upgrade is coming next and when it will be released. Give them a preview by talking about all the reasons why this new update will be beneficial to them.

There are a growing number of websites that appear to be something akin to building a home from scraps and without any plans. Little bits of software are tossed in, program code is put in place while drawing from a secondary source and the feeling visitors leave with is a bit disjointed and that your site lacks quality construction.

By taking a cyber weed whacker to your web site you may be able to see the original path again. This can help you move in a more clearly defined direction and allow you to provide clarity of thought and web design to your business website.

Consider making change for the sake of helping visitors understand your vision more clearly. Cleaning house never felt so good.
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