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An Overview of American Dream International

Jun 25, 2008
American Dream International is a company that offers an affiliate program to help people become debt free. The program's focus is on selling a Mortgage Acceleration Programs, or MAP, in order to reduce the time needed to pay off a car or a house mortgage. Since many people have to pay a mortgage, this is a very lucrative market and potential affiliate program. Like many affiliate programs, there's a start-up fee - 99 dollars is what it costs, unless you yourself buy the Mortgage Acceleration Program.

In this case it's only $49.99. The good thing is that there's no requirement to buy any sales aids or products - it may help you, but it's not a requirement of the program in order to participate. Also, you gain commissions only from the sale of products and services rather than recruiting other people.

In case you're wondering what the initial $99 fee includes, it's for your personalized ADI website and a back office management system to help you build your business successfully, and you can enroll by clicking on the registration link through an active link of an ADI site.

American Dream International has a different compensation structure than other affiliate programs - there's a normal quota-based bonus system as well as binary and matching bonus programs. This is good because your sales and influence increase exponentially. The way this works is by having a tree of sorts, where one business center or affiliate has no more or less than two beneath it.

Basically, any sales you make that exceed your own level's quota will move down to your next level, increasing your own rank within the organization as well as benefiting those below you. One of the best aspects of this system is due to the product being sold - think about it, how many homeowners wouldn't want a way to get their mortgage paid off more quickly?

American Dream International's commissions program is filled with the positive aspects of affiliate marketing without the parts that make it so hard to actually become successful. You're selling a product that pretty much everyone who owns a home would want. There are three things you have to do to qualify for commissions from products.

First, you simply have to register as an ADI Distributor. This is done by enrolling at either the main website or through the active website of an affiliate. Next, you activate your own Business Center either by making a sale of an MAP to someone, or by buying it yourself, and you can start gaining volume through this method as soon as it's done. Finally, you get your Business Center by enrolling 2 people to act in your "legs", which are the terms for the separate lines of your program sales.

Get them to follow the same steps as you did - that is, to sign up as a Distributor and by selling or buying a MAP. Overall, this is a very simple and straight-forward affiliate program to use, and its beauty lies in the fact that it's in a pretty much unlimited market.
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