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A Review of the Mafioso Marketing Affiliate Income Course

Jun 25, 2008
Because affiliate marketing on the Internet is a very competitive niche, it can be hard to actually break into it and make any serious money like many ebooks and programs promise you'll be able to. There's simply too much competition against you at start and you don't know what you're doing. This is where JD Swanson's ebook Mafioso Marketing comes into play. It teaches you all the tactics you need.

Specifically, it teaches you how to become the top of any niche you want, the guru that all web searchers come to for advice. The ebook tells you exactly how to go about establishing authority in this way.

This ebook isn't as long as some of the others, but keep in mind that many ebooks online contain lots of filler, pages full of nothing but affiliate links and more. This is just straight information. The ebooks clocks in at about 69 pages or so - it doesn't teach every single little aspect of learning how to niche market, but it teaches enough to work with. The real importance is in finding the right niche, which is exactly what Mafioso Marketing focuses on, and tells you how to take over as authority on a particular topic.

The other good thing about this ebook is that it's well-written. By well-written, I don't just mean good information - the author has simply a way with words, and writes the ebook almost like it were a story about a Mafia member going into a town and taking care of business. It's very entertaining to read, which is a nice change from simple dry informational text.

Also, the author has his own share of experience, being able to claim dominance over several niches over the past few years. This isn't just bragging on JD's part - he actually informs in the ebook as to what these niches were and how he went about gaining control over them. It's pretty much simple writing technique, research and knowing how to notice trends and investigate. Following the steps JD outlines will allow you to take over your chosen niche rather neatly.

Also, in Mafioso Marketing, the author doesn't simply tell you all the basic techniques and knowledge of niche marketing that you could get practically anywhere else on the Web that you looked. He gives exact, step by step processes and details about what to do to research, find markets, write for those markets and begin promoting and selling products.

As an added bonus, there's a list of ghost writers offered, should you decide you don't really want to write up content yourself and instead want to get someone else to do it. Should you happen to want to trust the expertise of professional writers this is a good way to go.

Basically, Mafioso Marketing covers the most effective ways of earning income in your chosen niche as well as turning that into residual income. This is one of the best ebooks out there on affiliate and niche marketing - very informative and fun to read as well.
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