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A Review of the Affiliate Defined Income Opportunity

Jun 25, 2008
If you happen to be an affiliate marketer, you know that to make sales of your products you have to have traffic flowing steadily to your website. Often though there are thousands of sites in your niche, so you sometimes turn to Adwords to get your traffic Place an ad up, let people click on it and you pay.

Unfortunately, you pay every time someone clicks on the ad, which can cost a lot of money - some people have lost all their income on Adwords. Even if you have more than a thousand dollars a day to devote to an Adwords campaign it's still very risky.

Remarkably, a child in the UK has come up with an ebook called Affiliate Defined to act as a solution to this problem. The child, David Wilkinson, supposedly makes thousands of dollars in a single month with Adwords and other techniques that he's refined over a short period of time.

Understandably these are hard to believe at first, even though there are stories about him online. So, when anyone gets curious about this sort of thing, they obviously want to see for themselves how it works. Here's exactly what's in the Affiliate Redefined product.

When buying any product like this, usually there are four questions that need answering - What's being paid for with the money put into it, how fairly priced is the product, how easy is it to use and understand, and is it quick to work or does it require time to put into motion?

First, the book has a price tag on it, like many ebooks its like and kind. However, this is about all it has in common with them. Most ebooks are about 40-50 pages - this one isn't - it goes on for a full two hundred and twenty one pages.

Filler, you think? No - no filler. There's nothing whatsoever about using Clickbank, how to find it, nothing about autoresponders or anything like that. Affiliate Defined is nothing more than an entire ebook devoted to nothing but the complete workings of Google Adwords, and it's done quite well - the book tells you how to make workable ads that actually draw not only clicks, but sales. This is important because without sales, you're not making any of your advertising money back.

You'll find lessons on how to create ads that are geographically targeted, copying already working ads (within limits of course), creating ads with a high clickthrough rate, what split testing is and how to do it, as well as why you should or shouldn't, and how to get past the rule Google has about double serving.

Since Google Adwords is one of the most powerful marketing tools there is, it's a good thing that Affiliate Defined has come along to show people how to properly use it. After all, millions of people use Google per day and see those sponsored ads on the right - there's no reason why some of those ads can't be yours and you can have people go to your site to buy your products.
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