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An Overview of the Sneaky Affiliate Cheat Affiliate Income Course

Jun 25, 2008
Internet affiliate marketing is very tough - not least because there are a lot of things that the top marketers really don't want you to know they do. Some methods are borderline unethical, but obviously they work. The Sneaky Affiliate Cheat ebook is the resource that defines these methods and shows you how to use them to make your own product sales go much higher than you thought possible.

It's widely regarded among affiliate marketers to be one of the most effective ways of teaching the principles and shortcuts in affiliate marketing. Some even go so far as to call it the standard by which all other work is defined.

So is this something you want to look into? There's no denying that Sneaky Affiliate Cheat is effective. It does hype itself up like many if not all other affiliate products, but this actually does do what it says. It's easy to become cynical about all the new products coming out that seem to insult the intelligence of the reader.

At first, when you start reading this ebook, a lot of the information will seem very obvious to you, but that's more than likely because, well, you've seen it all before in the thousands of other affiliate marketing ebooks.

Not that these techniques don't work. This ebook goes a step further than the rest - it doesn't just tell you 'you have to do this', it gives a step-by-step instructional path to follow to do what it says and succeed in making money. It also teaches you exactly how to choose the right product or products to sell and how to create a place in a specific niche.

You save lots of effort, money and most importantly time in the long run, because you're not using Adwords campaigns which, unless you know how to use Adwords, are rather hit or miss.

This is just the basic information that you'd find elsewhere - the really good part of Sneaky Affiliate Cheat is yet to come, but it makes the first part of the book look pale in comparison.

Some of the techniques you'll learn about are how to stop the affiliates who get your commissions from you. This is done by certain tactics that you yourself can exploit in turn. They are highly unethical - so much so, in fact, that there's a legal disclaimer. Then again, the whole point of this ebook is to show the darker side of affiliate marketing. In addition to learning how to get commissions from others, you learn how to keep it from happening to you any more.

Some of the other things Sneaky Affiliate Cheat teaches you are tricks to perform with your webpages, like unblockable popup ads, how to effectively use cookies to get ads onto the computers of buyers and how to rank highest in Google. It shows you the ins and outs of Google.

The techniques are some of the most controversial things you'll ever see, and in fact, the author refused to showcase his real name, going instead by a pseudonym to avoid the backlash that would potentially come from this ebook. After all, the top affiliate marketers wouldn't want to gain too much competition from the secrets offered in Sneaky Affiliate Cheat.
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