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Duties of a Pharmacist

Jun 25, 2008
A job as a pharmacist requires you to master the science of dispensing drugs that doctors prescribe. You are one of the most important health practitioners and you're focused on informing the public about the proper use of drugs and the possible side effects of abuse.

A pharmacy job is about understanding the compositions of medicines and drugs. There are specific laws that cover the sale and manufacture of these drugs that you should understand and practice. Sometimes, you also have to order medicines and then store them thereafter. You ensure the purity, safety and effectiveness of the ordered drugs.

Get That Pharmacy Job

To land a job, you can apply directly to pharmacies or firms that manufacture drugs. You can also check with the college or university where you came from. Who knows, your school have placement services that may help you in getting a pharmacy job.

There are a lot of people who can help you to get a job. Some, like professional association that help build pharmacies can help you to get a post especially if you are a fresh graduate.

Places Where You Can Land a Job

You can definitely build your pharmacy if you have the money to spend for it. There are those who concentrate on selling medicines and health supplies while others do both business and pharmacy at the same time.

There are community pharmacies where you can work in. You may also choose to work in retail stores and drugstore chains. You can work in a pharmacy to sell medical and sickroom supplies. You can also sell products from grocery items to health supplies.

You may also work in a nursing home pharmacy or be employed in a hospital. Whether you work in a nursing home pharmacy or in a hospital, you are responsible for inspecting and buying drugs. After inspecting them, you should know how to store them properly. Understand how and where to distribute these drugs too. There are drug information libraries that you may keep. This is where you can go to if you need to inform people about new drugs.
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