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3 Undefeated Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Legitimate Business Working From Home Online

Jun 25, 2008
This is a comprehensive guide to three of the most effective free traffic generation techniques online. Apply them to work and you will drive massive visitors to your legitimate business working from home. I always believe, in order to succeed you must always first build a strong foundation and more often than not, this takes a comparatively longer time to achieve. The end result however, is the most desirable. If you are looking to boost short-term traffic, then this article is not for you, but if you are in search of long-term free traffic then read on.

You see, I always believe in and have been living by the "Laws Of Cause And Effect". What comes around goes around or whatever you choose to call it. So, the faster it comes, the faster it goes. The longer it takes to affect, the longer the effect will last, the same is true with these traffic generation techniques. I hope you understand where I'm driving at. This part of the article may be on the philosophical side but it's important to create a better understanding in you.

Article writing and distribution is a traffic generation method that I live by. Many misunderstand and say; "I have written and distributed my article but I don't see traffic coming, this does not work" and they give up. Unless you have written a very interesting article on a very hot topic, chances are you will not see that kind of response. The main purpose I write is to generate massive backlinks to my websites by using "anchor texts" in the author bio. This does not mean that you don't write good contents.

It is important to write informative good contents so that readers will click and read your articles. Webmasters or article publishers will pick your article to be published in their newsletters thus, generating even more backlinks to you. Article writing also reflects you as an expert in your field or market niche. Why are backlinks so important you may ask. This brings us to the next topic of SEO or Search Engine Optimization of your online home business site.

SEO is a way to optimize your site with the keywords or keyword phrases that you have chosen. SEO and article writing goes together. You see, the more backlinks or it's more appropriate to say, one way backlinks you have to your site, the higher your site's position will be in the search engines. This in return, helps you generate free traffic. Article marketing to me is the all time best way to create tons of massive backlinks and hence, generate massive traffic to your website.

Participating in forums helps in creating backlinks and market recognition as well. Though it has been debated that backlinks from forums are not of good quality, it helps in generating traffic when you help others who need them and post good and relevant comments. This is also a good way to network and build business relationships with others. Remember to configure your signature to be link back to your site at the member's profile. All forums have their own rules and regulations, always read them before you make a post. This may safe you from being blacklisted.

Implement the above traffic driving methods and I promise you will be amazed with the returns from your legitimate business working from home online. It may take a longer time to take effect but it's well worth your effort. Just do them religiously. They have proven to work for me time and again and they will work for you too. If you are not comfortable with the methods above it's alright. Start looking for other effective techniques you that you are and master them. That's the secret really.
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