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Nurse: Hospital In-house Angels

Jun 25, 2008
Tips for Nurses

One of the most in demand jobs today is nursing. If you are a nurse, your duty is to take care of a patient's health by making sure that he or she recovers successfully from injuries or illnesses, and that safety and treatments are always ensured and performed.

As indicated, nursing isn't really a glamorous profession. You have all these other concerns like latex allergy, difficult schedules and dealing with violence in the environment.

A Problem Called The Latex Allergy - Be prepared to face this dilemma if you're a nurse. A symptom of this is the development of rashes all over the hand. The rashes are caused by powders that are on the latex gloves that you use to perform treatments and other health care procedures. Anaphylactic shock is another undesirable substitute for rashes.

There are cotton liners or synthetic gloves that you can buy to replace a powdered pair of gloves if you need to wet your hands while working.

Always request for powder-free gloves if you don't want this problem recurring. You may still use the powdered one if there are no available powder-free gloves. Just be sure to dry your hands after washing them.

The Question of Violence - Being a nurse exposes you to violence of all kinds. Since all people in the hospital are busy, their fuses can easily blow. If you are a nurse who works in a remote area, your location could make you a likely target. Even nurses who work in mental health centers and emergency rooms are not completely free from risk.

The secret to a problem like this is knowledge. Get a background of your patients. Learn about their history, especially those who are known to have violent behavior. Also, it helps to research on patients who have a history of alcoholism, drug addiction or dementia. Avoiding the trouble is the best way to be free from it.
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