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Become a Website Traffic Hogger, Use Social Networking Sites To Market Your Website

Jun 25, 2008
Most of the large social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook prohibit their users from directly marketing their products or websites on the site but that doesn't mean there aren't ways of marketing your product or website that fall within the Terms of Service of the site. There are, if you know where to look to find them.

Does Social Marketing Really Work?

It can, if you work at it. Social marketing is one of the newer types of Internet marketing and people that are in the know about Web 2.0 say that social marketing is the wave of the future. Marketing experts say that using social marketing techniques is the ideal way to reach your niche market because you are making contacts and building link networks with people that are interested in the type of product that you sell or the type of website that you are trying to market. And when you're in business reaching your niche market is usually the toughest part of getting ahead. So social networking can be a great way to find and reach the customers that are looking for the product that you have to sell.

How Does Social Marketing Work?

Social marketing works by building networks of people that share your interest or are interested in the type of product that you sell but when you use social networks like MySpace or Facebook you are not supposed to use the profiles that you create on those sites to do a hard sell of your product or website. Personal sharing is the key to forming social networks so you have to create a profile that is more personal than professional and one that is well rounded instead of just being focused on selling a product.

When you have a profile on a social networking site you should post messages on other people's profiles and comment on their blogs and post information and articles on your blog about things other than just your product. The trick is find content that is related in some way to your product but not directly selling the product. That way you are keeping your social networking contacts interested without subjecting them to a hard sell.

So How Can You Use Social Networking Sites to Market Your Product or Website?

If you want to find out the ways that you can use social networking sites like MySpace to market your product or website without breaking the Terms of Service of the site you need to visit SpaceHogs. SpaceHogs offers information, tips, tricks, and courses on all the different ways that you can market your product or website on MySpace by adding code to your profile or comments and using other methods that won't turn customers off but will help you get traffic to your site and sales of your products
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