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YahooAnswers: Give Information To Get Website Traffic

Jun 25, 2008
Everyone that is trying to do business on the Web wants to know what is the best way to draw website traffic? The secret to drawing lots of website traffic is to have informative content on your website.

Why Does Content Matter?

When people are searching online usually they are searching for a particular product or they are searching for the answer to a question or trying to find out how to do something. People want more from website than just a hard sell, the want answers. So putting informative content on your website that answers a question or gives readers a new perspective is the perfect way to get their attention and expose them to your product without resorting to a hard sell.

Informative content is also important when it comes to search engine optimization. For example, if you put up a series of articles on your website that answer some of the most frequently asked questions about your product you are giving information and added value to the customer, you are showcasing your products without a hard sell, and you are increasing the search engine optimization of your website by using words and phrases related to your product.

Use Your Expertise to Get Traffic

You can also use your knowledge and expertise to draw people to your website from other websites. There are lots of websites where people set accounts specifically to answer user's questions in their area of expertise and can put links in the answers and in their profiles to their own websites. Participating as an expert in your industry on another site is a fabulous way to draw website traffic because you are establishing yourself as an authority in that field which will make consumers trust you more.

Once they trust you they will head over to your site to find out more about you and read more of your content and then they will also find your products and be more likely to buy them and recommend your website to friends. It takes a little bit of time and effort to get involved in answering questions on another site but the end result is well worth the initial investment.

To try out this method of getting website traffic to go a site like YahooAnswers. Yahoo is a well known name and hundreds of thousands of users head to YahooAnswers every day to find out answers to their questions. If you spend a little time answering questions in your field of expertise and linking to your site in no time at all you'll start to see a significant jump in your website traffic. Plus, those questions and answers stay on the site so that you can continue to draw hits from them for years to come.
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