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What Is Backlinking and How Do I Do It?

Jun 25, 2008
Anyone that owns a website knows that backlinking is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get traffic to your site and its another very important part in the SEO equation. Basically its a link back to one of your sites or pages. Its a very simple and easy project to accomplish. It also plays a large part in PR (page rank). Backlinking can be done in several ways but Im going to list one of the easiest ways in my opinion. This is done by going to a blog or a website with a comment area. And with in the comment area there are usually 4 sub-areas.

Those areas are Name, Email address (which is usually never published), Website URL, and Comment. The most important area here is the comment and URL options. In the URL option you would put the name of the site you would like to ultimately promote. And in the comment section it would be ideal for you to put in a little comment reply about the persons blog post.

By posting a comment thats relevant to whatever the author is talking about you show a certain interest, and for the other people visiting that certain post, you will also peak their interest. So traffic so far is coming from two directions, author of the post, and visitors of the post. The other way you get traffic by leaving backlinks is when a search engine picks up on it and indexes it on its search engine.

I know this sounds like a lot of work, and it can be time consuming but the outcome will be well worth your time and energy. This piece of software is considered freeware (absolutely %100 FREE), and its very efficient in what it is supposed to do. If I had to do a quick review I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. The software can be found on the internet by searching for "Real Link Finder".

Theres only two things you really need to do to get this started. First off you have to download it, its a pretty small piece of software so it wont take that long to download it. Secondly you will sign up to receive a free key, this will be sent to your email address so please be sure to enter in a VALID email address. While your waiting for the key to arrive, install the program some place where you will be able to find it, preferably your desktop and if it asks would you like to place this on the start menu you can also say yes so that. Once you receive your key, open the program and put it in the unlock key area on the program.

You will also find a readme.txt in the folder you downloaded the program into. Your more than welcome to read through this for a quick start guide. Its all really easy to follow and pretty self explanatory but just so you understand everything Im going to do a quick walk through.

1 Type your keywords here: You can type virtually ANY keyword here that you want. It can be something relevant to your site, or not. It doesnt really matter as long as you have some knowledge about the keyword you are picking.

2 Number of existing blog comments per post: Pick 5 to start out with. This will ONLY bring up blogs that have 5 comments or more. If you cant find any with 5 then you can choose 4 comments per blog.

3 Number of blogs to search: Use 100 as a default every time you do this.

4 You will see three buttons; Find Stop & Next. Press find to start searching for blogs.

5 Authors Name (your name), Authors email (your email), Web link (the site you want to promote). While the program is finding blogs you can go ahead and fill this info out. The Fill Fields button is for when you come to a blog/site, this button will automatically insert your name, email address and URL.

Blogs matching your request: Obviously this is the search results for the keyword(s) you selected. You can click any of those links *once* and in the pane below it will show a quick preview. If you decide you dont want to leave a comment, then dont worry about. Go onto the next link. Once your finished with all the links simply press the next button and itll scan through all the blogs again and find you more results.

The nofollow option is a really great option to have on this program. Many blogs use the nofollow tag which prevents search engines from seeing your link in the comment. Obviously if your backlinking, the whole purpose is for people to see your links so you will get traffic. This program allows you to select yes or no options for the nofollow results. I have mine set on yes. If you take anywhere from 30 min to 1 hour out of your day to do this program you will see significant results almost immediately.

I knew I was going to be writing this so just to make a honest statement I did 1 hours worth of backlinks this way, and received multiple comments and emails from the Authors and visitors of the blog with in minutes.

***Note: When finding blogs to backlink on please make a quality comment. It will make you look better as a commenter. And on top of that SPAMMING is not allowed in this program. Even if it was allowed who is to say the Author would even keep a SPAMMY comment as opposed to a quality comment? He/She probably wouldnt and then it would defeat the purpose of this project. ***End Note.

One last thing before I end this article. Here are a few MORE ways to use backlinks to your advantage:

Submitting your link/site to directories
Press Releases
Signature links in forums
Signature link in emails
Write articles or reviews for people and include your website URL
Link Exchanges
Blogroll (wordpress)
Comment virtually anywhere online that has a add your home page or web url option

Thats just a few. Theres hundreds of other ways. I hope you enjoy the software and get the same amount of pleasure out of it as I have over the last few months. Use it and use it a lot, you will definitely with out a doubt get more traffic coming to your websites. Thanks for reading!
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