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A Residual Income can be easy to Develop

Jun 25, 2008
The goal of retiring early on a secure residual income is the goal of many people. While this may have taken the form of an annuity or pension plan in the past, today many people are turning to the MLM business Model to provide a secure residual income.

What is being written here is to focus on the MLM Business as a means to provide a secure residual income. A residual income takes time to "grow". It is this very nature of the MLM Business that causes many people to fail since they either lose their patience or the capital needed to sustain steady growth in their MLM business.

Since a residual income takes time to develop, the prospective MLM distributor miscalculates how much income or seed capital is required to build not just this type of business, but just about any type of business activity imaginable.

It is possible for you to operate just like those big MLM heavy hitters do. They use the concept of a "funded proposal" to build there business. It is really quite simple. It takes into account sound business and marketing practices and you can do it just as easily as they do.

Any way a product is marketed or sold which pays for itself is considered a "funded proposal". Many Big Mlm operators draw you into their sales funnel first by offering for example an inexpensive training course on MLM. They then take all the leads generated from the sale of the training course and offer them the opportunity to join in their MLM endeavor.

In my opinion, a "funded proposal", is the only way to operate an MLM Business. You get all the free, targeted leads you need and you never have to dig deep into your pockets again to make your MLM business grow. The time factor which ruins most other businesses you have now eliminated.

"Indirect Marketing" is another name for a "funded proposal". You don't advertise the MLM Business directly to a prospect, but you use the list you gained from selling the upfront product to market your MLM business. Sound mailorder companies have used this principle for over a hundred years. They promote one product and backend sell you another.

The "funded" proposal is the easiest way to build a residual income because it pays for itself.
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