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A Guide To Effective PPC Marketing

Jun 25, 2008
Whether you are starting to get into doing business online, or your business has been online for a while pay per click search marketing might be exactly what you are looking for to give it a boost. As far as marketing your company or website is concerned, it is way ahead of other methods of advertising available. If you are wondering how pay per click works and how it can benefit you then read on.

Essentially, when you decide that you want to try this kind of advertising, you will create a small ad referring to your site that will be put up on a larger site that many people frequently look at. Providing the person who sees and clicks on your links stays for longer than ten seconds, the site they came from gets paid from your account as a thank you.

There are a couple of pints to remember about this: your advert will be related to the subject of the site it is being used on and these sites are generating huge amounts of traffic. Another reason this is a cost efficient process is because you only pay the hosting site when the links are used.

Of course with traditional advertising which is very costly, there is no guarantee any visitor will even bother looking at your ad, let alone give you any business. Some people are worried about competitors clicking to run up their bill or lose them from the screen completely but in practice this rarely happens. Pay per click is one of the most targeted types of marketing available which means it is extremely cost effective for businesses that often lose a great deal advertising to those with no interest in their product. People who see your ad are already interested in the product or service you are promoting.

One of the largest pay per click advertising opportunities out there is Google's Adwords. Google simply creates your advert every time a term or phrase (which you specify) is searched for online through their search system. When you see the results page on entering your search term, you may see the advert at the top of Google's results or on the right had column.


For many people, part of the appeal about pay per click marketing is the immediacy. Many companies use this technique to gauge how good their advertising copy will be before they use it in more expensive areas. For speed, efficiency and cost, pay per click search marketing is superior to just about every other method of advertising and that is why companies continue to use it.
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