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Moneymaking Ideas and the Ballad of the Aging Pop Star

Jun 25, 2008
Gene would not be the poster child for a pop star. The truth is the closest thing to pop music he ever listened to was a country station back in Wyoming. For his 60th birthday his daughter bought him a banjo. Within five years he also acquired a mandolin, guitar and fiddle.

As a young man he learned to play the accordion. When times got tight he sold the accordion and learned to play the piano at church. Gene had always loved music. Mostly he played for his own enjoyment, for church and sometimes for family and friends.

At the age of 74 Gene is a great grandpa and has found a new moneymaking opportunity playing his instruments in three separate bands.

If you were to try to get a hold of Gene on the weekends it might be difficult. He could be in Denver participating in a bluegrass jam session or he could be playing at a community event with the fiddle players group he's a part of.

If you were to ask him Gene would probably say he is busier now than he's ever been and loving what he's doing more than anything he's done before.

He still gets up each weekday and drives a school bus and he still has a lawn care business he manages, but the music he's always enjoyed has provided him new opportunities to meet and entertain people. It's also provided a new source of revenue.

Gene's story is similar to many who put in time at a corporate job and then discover a new passion for something that was relinquished to the dream closet.

Consider Gary who was trained as a broadcaster and has an exceptional voice. When he found it difficult to make enough money in broadcasting he switched to the corporate world where he amassed a sizeable nest egg. At 55 he retired to go back to broadcasting. His voice is heard on radio stations and Internet broadcasts throughout the world.

Like Gene, Gary is doing something he loves and has found a revenue stream in a new career.

Moneymaking opportunities are not reserved simply for those who are young enough to be impressed with cash flow. Sometimes these opportunities can breathe new life into those who have found a need for something entirely new.

It's amazing to me to see the large number of individuals beyond the age of 50 that are finding a new lease on personal fulfillment in their finances by opening the dream closet, dusting a few off and then discovering incredible joy doing something they have always loved, but had little time for.

Moneymaking opportunities may be as near as your wildest imagination and can take you far beyond where you thought it was possible to go.

When it comes to making money you don't have to be bound by an age bracket or even geographic location. The ability to gain an income is related to your inner drive and determination to find an idea and run with it. If that idea is an outgrowth of something you already enjoy then so much the better.

Give an old idea a new shake and see where the dust settles. You could be in the money doing something incredibly fulfilling.
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