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Streamline Your Home Office With a Few Small Changes

Jun 25, 2008
If you have your office at home or in a separate building, you'll need to keep it nice and neat to be the most efficient you can be. There are certain things you can do to make sure that your office space is neat and organized, so that you can be as efficient as possible. If you have customers coming in and out of your workspace or if you have an employee or two who works with you, you need a clean and efficient space so that you can make a good impression on customers and make it easier for your employees to work for you as well.

Use Closet Space

One way to keep everything need an organized is to use closet space efficiently. You can do this by using extra shelving, coat racks, bins, and other things to help organize items. It's important to keep clutter to a minimum or nonexistent if possible. It's very easy to let a closet get cluttered, so make sure you take pains to get it neat and tidy ending keep it that way.

For example, a few coat hooks can help you organize closet space very efficiently and are inexpensive as well.

Use Bins for Trash and Recycling Freely

In general, if your office is like most, there's a lot of paper coming in and out all the time. Of course, this also means that there's a lot of paper to recycle and some to throw away, too. If this is your office, then it's likely that you might need more recycling and trash bins than you have set out already. Setting out enough trash and recycling bins in strategic locations so that people can conveniently get rid of excess paper as needed will help greatly with your office's appearance. In general, most recycling bins are blue, but if you need to, you should label recycling and trash bins clearly as to their specific purposes.

In addition, if you set out more trash and recycling bins, people will not have to walk as far to take care of their trash or recycling. Because people generally want to put out as little effort physically as possible, walking less distance to take care of their trash and recycling is going to help your office be neater. In addition, it may make your employees more productive if they don't have to walk far distances to get rid of paper. Instead, they can spend the time they have working.

Do You Need a Waiting Room?

If your office has a lot of clients, it might behoove you to have a waiting room or waiting area so that you have better flow. This gives visitors their own area to sit in while they wait for their appointments, and doesn't interfere with the rest of your business. This isn't something you need, of course, if you don't have client traffic.

If you do have customers, though, you can also utilize interior decorating skills to make the area more welcoming. Utilize a few plants, some small tables and a few chairs to make the area inviting. Use a coat rack so that visitors can hang up their coats and hats without cluttering the area. Inexpensive wall art can also be a good way to spruce up your area with little expense. Having a formal waiting area such as this can also make your office look much more professional and efficient, as well as give it some ambiance.

Making your office need an efficient is not hard to do. These tips can help you make your workspace everything it can be.
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