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Jun 25, 2008
Online web directories are one of the three most popular and free places to place your advertisements for your websites, links, or other things. These are usually free, but your bound to find some people trying to sell this service for a small fee. If you would rather pay someone else to do it for you or if the site offers a membership of some sort that includes some really great items then go for it. But if you want you can also accomplish this on your own and very easily might I add. Heres some steps for you to follow:

Goto your favorite search engine, this is where your going to enter in the query to find what your looking for. Try searches like "web directories", "online directories", or "directory submission".

Check the site out, if your looking for something FREE, make sure there is absolutely no fees or memberships, you can usually find out if there are any fees when you goto "add a link". Also make sure you check out their stipulations. Example, sites must be in English, no hate or violent sites, do not submit affiliate links, do not use ALL CAPS in your ad etc. There are basic "do not's" to all sites but please make sure you read through these. In order for your ad to be visible you have to get it approved, and to get it approved you must follow the rules.

Look for a "add site", "add Url" or "submit" option. If neither of these exist, they probably want you to find your category first and then submit your ad. Just go through the different categories (and sub-categories) and find the most relevant area to place your ad. Example: Home, Family, Cooking.

Once you find the correct place to put your ad and you find the "submit" or "add" area, you will most likely be loaded to a form of some sort. If your new to this you might find this to be pretty intimidating. But don't worry. This is a really simple process, and through submitting your site(s) to several directories you will get pretty used to the course of action pretty quickly. Follow my lead!

Title: This is the Title of your site.

URL: The link to your website. Be sure to add the "http://www" at the beginning.

Description: Add a small description of your site. Be sure to use as many keywords relevant to your site as you can with out sounding like a commercial! Another wards, don't over do it.

Your Name: Self Explanatory

Your Email Address: I know its tempting to put a fake email address here but don't. Most likely you will need to confirm your ad and may be given the option to update the site or renew your ad(s).

Thats about it. Once you have submitted your ad to the correct category, you will most likely receive a confirmation email asking you to click a link to confirm. Once you confirm your site it will either go up immediately or it will be hand checked, meaning an actual human being will check your ad before its submitted. Usually its an automated service, don't be quick to try and fool this automated service. If you put an ad that isint allowed it will be deleted. Maybe not right away, but you can bet they will find it eventually.

You are allowed so submit your site(s) to several different online web directories if you choose to do so. Just remember to follow the rules of the site. If you don't agree with the rules or your site is of a certain category the site does not allow like "adult", go right back to your search engine and do a search for "adult web directories" or whatever your site is about. The whole point of this is for people to see your advertisement. If you get banned from the directory or they delete your ad, it defeats the whole process.
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