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How Do You Fill Positions and Find Jobs in the Boating Industry?

Jun 25, 2008
For a long time now finding a job in the boating/marine industry has been word of mouth or the right place at the right time. There has never been a place where the specialty boating market can directly contact potential employees. Many boating jobs were posted in the newspaper or were posted on the very large commercial internet job boards. There were of course problems with that. The local paper was, well, local. If you lived in the next town over you didn't know about the job unless you bought a second paper. And if you lived two towns over you had to buy a third. Getting the word out about the job was difficult. Now the internet allows you to get the word out to millions and of course millions of people are trying to get their word out too which means your job for the marine industry gets lost amongst hundreds of thousands of other jobs for unrelated industries and your posted job, which you paid hundreds of dollars for, does not get the exposure you need to the audience you seek.

Then along comes a new player in town that plans to solve this problem. Marine Industry Careers is a boating job board for those job seekers looking for employment within the marine industry and for marine employers to post their jobs. No longer do you have to weed through thousands of unrelated positions on the commercial job boards; no longer do you have to hunt for the one or two posts on the occasional boating website, now you can find all the boating jobs on one easy to use website.

For job seekers, you can post your resume for free, browse jobs and get seen. For employers this is a great opportunity to tell about your company and get your job openings in front of the people you are looking for.

Far too many job boards attempt to cater to all areas of the job world and the marine industry gets lost in the crowd. That is no longer the case with Marine Industry Careers. This site only allows job posts for boating jobs from manufacturing, fiberglass, mechanics, sales, management, retail sales, support, marina services, marketing, advertising, engineering, plumbers, electricians, anything having to do with boating or boating products you can find it here.

With a dedicated site to find boating jobs, your open position gets better exposure to your target audience than on the large commercial job sites. Additionally, Marine Industry Careers is operating in free mode right now so there is no charge to post your jobs or view applicants to those jobs. Once the introductory period is over, the site is guaranteed to be 70-90% less than the cost of the huge commercialized job boards and provide a much better return for your money.

They are accepting all boating jobs and all boating resumes and if you want to insure you get a great deal when the introductory period is over, they are offering FREE job posts till December 2009 for any marine business that posts one of their links from their "link exchange" page on your website to theirs. They will even post your banners on their site too. For larger marine businesses this could save you thousands of dollars annually.

It's worth taking a look and posting your open positions or posting your resume. It already has several hundred users and has begun matching jobs to job seekers.

This is their first version with a second one to follow that has lots of new features to help market your positions. Keep an eye on this site. It is moving forward.
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Michael has 20 years in the marine industry with lots of hiring experience and knows the difficulty of finding good experienced help.
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