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5 Easy Steps For Effective Article Writing That Anyone Can Do

Jun 25, 2008
Article writing is a systematic process and not just a leisure activity. You have to consider some significant steps while writing articles such as, thorough planning, research, rough draft and then a final outline.

Planning needs to involve discussing the value of article writing and the things you wish to include in your article. If you determine its length and scope in advance, it can save your precious time and effort. Good articles are always descriptive and hence, it is advisable to write about your own experience to those less experienced people or those having different experience.

Indeed, best articles save time, help readers to solve their problems, avoid disasters and carry out their tasks more efficiently. You need to be informal and clearly state what you intend to say.

Often, it is advisable to have short words and sentences. Usually, readers want to know those things that actually happened. They are not interested in your cliches, slogans or lectures. Readers need authenticity, not hypothesis.

Steps for Effective Article Writing:

1. Create an attractive outline for your article. Your articles need to include a perfect headline, introduction, bodyline, conclusion and finally a resource box. It is advisable to make a catchy headline, so that the readers find it more interesting to read the further content.

2. Article writing has to be in a casual manner, meaning, in a style of talking to your friends. Do not worry about correcting the mistakes or the way it sounds, since these can interrupt your flow of ideas that you intend to incorporate in your article writing.

3. After writing the article, take a rest for few hours and then read it. This helps you find any mistakes and incorporate some additional thoughts in your article eventually making your article flow better.

4. After having finished article writing, run spell checker for some times to ensure spelling mistakes. Read it completely, since spell checker does not always give 100% accuracy. Hence, you need to be safe from your side about language rules and punctuation marks. Ensure it flows well by identifying the issues clearly and offering a solution. It is also essential to end the articles with action steps. If possible, ask somebody to go through it once to find any mistakes that you have ignored.

5. Finally, format your article. You have to format your sentence formations within a length of 60 to 65 words each line before hitting submission. This enables the readers to read it through their email software. If the sentence structure is very long, then this may crumble and people may find it impossible to study.

Benefits of Article Writing:

Article writing benefits both the writer as well as publisher. Following are some essential benefits of article writing:

1. Link Building: Article writing is one beneficial way to attain inbound links for your web site. All you have to do is just submit your articles to a submission web site together with web sites URL. You get one quality inbound link for each submission.

2. Increased Web Traffic: When your sites have many links, there is a chance of more number of visitors visiting your web site. In addition, major search engines rank your web site and give massive exposure to your web site.

3. High Page Ranking: If you write keyword rich article, then you can pull up searching engine ranking. This is the finest way to get into first 10 pages of any search engines without spending more amount of time.

4. Build Good Reputation: Article writing helps building good and permanent reputation. When you write many quality articles and post them online, readers tend to visit frequently and consider you as a best resource for good content.
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