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The Top 5 Mistakes Made by Average Network Marketers

Jun 26, 2008
As I mentioned previously, there are a number of things that differentiate successful network marketers from average network marketers-or those who never manage to do anything extraordinary. If you want to avoid falling into the trap that will keep you an "average network marketer," you will want to look out for these five critical mistakes:

1. Avoid Doing Anything That Makes You Uncomfortable. Yes, that's right: if you want to be completely average, it's easy; all you have to do is stick with the things that make you most comfortable. Never leaving that range will ensure that you never do anything that could possibly differentiate you from someone else.

2. Stop Building Your Network. Again, being average is easy; it means that you can stop growing your network as soon as it reaches a point where you're comfortable. So rather than growing your network further, you can simply allow it to stagnate once you've reached some critical point.

3. Don't Memorize Scripts or Practice Presentations. If you're going to maintain your average-ness, why bother going to the trouble to memorize anything or to plan a superior, convincing presentation?

4. Don't Set Goals. If you're going to be average, you can expect that you will almost never end up succeeding in any goal you set, so why bother to set them in the first place? You don't need to be under that type of pressure.

5. Avoid Systematizing Your Business. Why bother knowing where things are when you need to find them - and streamlining all of the various functions, so you don't have to repeatedly do menial, unnecessary work? If you're going to be average, you might as well keep your organization at an average level.

Now, if you want to avoid being average, I would suggest that you train yourself to avoid all of these serious thinking pitfalls. At some point in our careers, we all fall into them; however, if we want to stay above average-or get there for the first time-we have to get past these obstacles and do something that is truly unique and consistent.
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