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Desire Determines Conversion Rates

Jun 26, 2008
Once you have grabbed your visitors' attention you want to sell each and every one that fits your customer profile. The only way to do that is to create enough desire for your offer for them to take action. Indeed the majority of an online sales letter or copy is made up of persuasive content with the express purpose of creating desire. Its persuasive ability entails the quality of the copy.

A poor copy has little conversion. This means few prospective buyers actually buy. The visitors are neither motivated nor compelled enough to take action now. The sales copy allows for procrastination and the like. Eventually the visitor does not buy. The very nature of the internet is such that if you cannot convince a visitor to buy now, they will still buy alright; only that they will often buy somewhere else. You will lose them forever.

A fair sales copy results to half-hearted buyers. Such buyers tend to have a "so-so" kind of perceived value of what they have purchased. Often you will register higher rates of refunds. This is because they are unsure about what they bought. For the ones who keep the product or services, most were motivated to buy anyway so you just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Equally important fair copies will rob you off the viral effect that results from word of mouth. Word of mouth commonly referred to as buzz online, can be a huge contributor in increasing both sales and conversion rates.

You want a zing bang copy that has you visitors still tingling with excitement weeks after a purchase. This will only be achieved by sufficiently creating desire and ofcourse a product that over-delivers. Sales is said to be a transfer of enthusiasm. Online, a sales copy should do that literally - pun intended. The reason for quality prospecting and capturing your visitors' attention is to bring them to this point. And this is where conversions happen.

Creating desire involves persuasion which in itself is a transactional process that results to change in beliefs, attitude and/or behavior. The choice of words in the sales copy; sequence of though; what you choose to draw attention to ,what you do not; how you say what you say and what you do not say; these and more contribute to the effectiveness of you persuasion. With persuasion comes desire which demands action hence a conversion.
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