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How Much Help Do Your Clients Need?

Jun 26, 2008
If you read my article a few weeks ago, you'll know that over Easter I painted my living room a lovely cream magnolia colour.

I'm a big fan of the property programs that are on telly at the moment so I while I was feeling all excited about how fresh and pretty my living room was looking, I decided I was also going to do a subtle feature wall.

Now I've never used wallpaper before and to be honest, I'm normally not a big fan of it but in the DIY store I saw this cream swirl pattern that looked fantastic next to the cream paint and I decided I would give it a try.

So I did my homework - I logged onto the DIY store's wallpaper guide and read it from start to finish. I then measured, re-measured and measured the wall again and put all the information into their online calculator and discovered I need just less than 12meters.

So I dragged my boyfriend back to the DIY store, got 2 rolls (20 meters worth) and happily strolled out to the car feeling as if Sarah Beeny would be ever so proud of me. Then very irritatingly our car wouldn't start and we spent several hours fluffing around trying to get it going.

When we finally got home and got started hanging the wallpaper it turned out that we were 2 entire drops of wallpaper short. So now I'm stuck at home without transport and missing a strip of wallpaper about 1meter wide all the way down the left hand side of the wall. After hours of car problems and with wallpaper paste everywhere I was unimpressed to say the least!

Maybe the calculator malfunctioned. Maybe the calculator doesn't work properly. Or maybe since I'm a wallpaper novice, I just got it wrong. I thought I had read everything and measured everything twice but perhaps I still got it wrong? Who knows...

What I do know though is that it wasn't a great experience.

So here's something for you to think about this week...
- Do you make sure your clients understand the services you offer fully?
- Do they properly understand the benefits and how to achieve them?
- Do they know how often they ought to book in?
- Are they buying the products that will give them best results?
- And most importantly, will they ask for help when they need it?

If the answer to any of these is no, what systems do you have in place to deal with this?

Taking action to make a booking or purchase a product is ultimately only a decision that your clients can make for themselves. But if you are able to ensure you provide them with every bit of help they might need, you are likely to end up with much happier clients as well as a higher income.
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