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What's it Like to Work With Mentor a Top Notch Marketing

Jun 26, 2008
I recently had a client begin marketing mentoring with me. Before getting started she said, "I've never been mentored before. What's it like?" So, I thought it would be a good idea to explain. I can't say what mentoring is like with anyone else - but I can say what it's like with me.

I start by giving my clients a "Get Ready" assignment. It's easy because it's about you and your business but it still. takes some thought. On our first mentoring call together we hit the ground running - so you get the most out of our time together. Here's the "Get Ready" assignment:

* Write out your vision of what you want your business to be. Tell me everything important to you. If you've already done this - fine. Look it over and make sure it still reflects what you want. Make changes if necessary.

* Write out what your "perfect day" is like. Not a day you win the lottery or you're on a tropical beach at your perfect weight sipping pina coladas with a gorgeous hunka-hunka burnin' love - but a perfect work day. Write it down. From the moment you open your eyes to the moment you fall into bed. Describe everything important to you. Make it fun!

* List what you're good at. This can be business related and also non-business things you're good at.

* List what you need help with in your business. Everything you share is always confidential - so you feel safe.

* List what has held you back in the past.

There are always additional questions that are about your business specifically.

You email your responses to the "Get Ready" assignment to me. I look them over before our first meeting. Based on your answers, I can often already tell why you're having challenges getting your business off the ground.

The right answers to the "Get Ready" assignment are all about you and what you want. Anything you want is fine. It's not a test with right or wrong answers. It's YOUR business. You get to create it your way.

Once we talk - chances are you'll laugh and say, "Yep, you hit the nail on the head. That's what I'm doing wrong but I don't know what to do about it." I'm not a counselor or therapist, but I'm highly skilled at reading people. It's about cause and effect - which you'll understand better as we work together.

Mentoring is fun - and it makes you think. New discoveries, insights and a-has happen every mentoring session together and in-between. You fine tune how you're getting your message out to ask for the sale in ways that create a happy "yes" with your customers. You discover how to do things more effectively so you get better results in less time. You focus your actions on the highest and best use of your time. You make positive changes for your reasons - never mine.

You also get fresh ideas and strategies targeted specifically to your business, budget and circumstances. Nothing is cookie cutter. No two clients or businesses are exactly the same. It's a jam-packed hour, always positive and enlightening.

I hold you accountable. If you don't complete the work agreed to - we'll talk about why, exploring the real reasons. If you've been sabotaging yourself and your success you'll discover why. I have a reputation for being straightforward in a way that's incredibly supportive. I care about my clients and your results.

First, we'll make sure the goal is still important and in alignment with your core values - or do you want to shift it a bit? Second, we'll look to see if it's fear or an emotional obstacle holding you back. Third, we'll break the goal down into smaller steps if that's necessary to help you get it done.

You'll feel more empowered, confident and happy. It's amazing. It actually becomes FUN to get things done that were a pain in the neck before. You'll get marketing and personal growth tools you can use. That overwhelmed, heavy feeling will lift and disappear. Getting the word out and selling becomes easier because you start getting out of your own way. You're more confident on the inside and on the outside.

That's how the transformation begins.
About the Author
Denise Michaels is a successful marketer, speaker, trainer and mentor. She's mentored over 1,400 entrepreneurs and trained thousands more in her popular teleclasses and workshops. Author of the myth-shattering, business bestseller, "Testosterone-Free Marketing" you can discover Denise at http://www.MentoringwithDenise.com
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