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Sections To Include In Your Acting Resume

Jun 26, 2008
An acting resume is a fairly specialized type of resume. You will not be including your standard work experience or any kind of description of your outlook and career goals. In fact, an acting resume is 'just the facts' and must be exactly one side of one page. This is because you will generally staple the resume to the back of your headshots for easy viewing and sorting by casting directors.

So what does go on an acting resume? The first thing to include, which should be the largest type and the most easy to read on the whole page, is your name. Put your name right at the top of the page in clear bold letters, and put your height, weight, hair color, and eye color right under that in smaller type. Do not forget to include your contact information, or you will be surprised to receive very few callbacks and conseuqently very few parts. A full address is generally not necessary but an phone number and an e-mail address most definitely are.

The first section beneath this basic information should be your most important experiences for the parts you are auditioning for. So if you are auditioning for roles in theatre, you will make a section called "Theatrical Experience." Depending on your specialties you might even want to consider splitting up musical theatre experience from straight theatre experience. If you don't have any experience, you should go out and get some. Educational institutions are great places to build up some experience, as are community theatres, non-profit theatres, and store-front theatres.

Next you will include the next-most important set of experiences you have. Again, this is all individualized based on the professional acting experience you have so far and the type of experience you are hoping to gain. You might have a section for television acting experience, film acting experience, voice-over work, etc. It probably won't do you any good to include modeling work on an acting resume, so go ahead and leave that off in most cases. But again, every situation is unique and there are always exceptions; if you are trying out for a role playing a model or a sex-bomb of some sort, you may want to let them know that others have found you attractive. Generally, you head shot will suffice.

Finally, you will include a section with any special skills you have. Things to include in this last part of your resume include dialects you may be proficient at, any type of stage or film technique, and anything else that makes you uniquely qualified to do the type of work that you want to do!
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