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Warehouse Storage Equipment

Jun 26, 2008
Warehouse storage equipment must be durable enough to carry support heavy loads, and it must be accessible enough for safe and quick access to stored equipment. Material handling suppliers typically offer a large and very diverse number of customizable racking systems engineered specifically for these applications. Material handling specialists are almost always willing to help you will help you customize your order to fit your facility, location, and business model.

Pallet Rack Warehouse Storage Equipment

Pallet rack systems offer warehouses a cost effective means of managing inventory. Pallet racks feature the ability to adapt to any specific interior layout, making them some of the most versatile forms of warehouse storage equipment you can invest in. They are also very easy to assemble with drop in place beams that a locking pin holds in place. Computer assisted design offers the additional advantage of customizing the size and strength of your pallet rack to the specific needs of your environment.

Cantilever Style Warehouse Storage Equipment

Cantilever racks add flexibility and customization to warehouse supply and equipment storage. Welded steel components provide the strength and durability of these systems. Each rack can be custom built with arms and uprights sold separately. Small, medium, and heavy-duty cantilever racks can be ordered that will warehouse storage equipment to the size and design of any materials, products, and supplies. Custom rack systems can usually be ordered from the manufacturer through a representative agent or distributor.

Reel Racks

You can store and dispense poly or wire rope, hose, electrical cable, or chain with an adjustable reel rack. Featuring adjustable brackets and axles, reel racks are among some of the most customizable warehouse storage equipment tools available. Adjustable brackets allow you to stagger arms across the frame for different size reels. Reel racks typically feature 2,000 pounds of storage capacity per level.

Double Sided Horizontal Bar Rack

This unit is ideal for warehouse equipment storage in maintenance departments, tool rooms, machine shops, and shelving areas. As the arms extend outward, they create bays of storage. Nine arm levels of varying lengths can store material up to 10 feet long. By aligning two units next to each other, you can store longer materials when warehouse equipment storage space becomes limited and cramped. The edge of each arm edges is sloped upward to prevent roll off's. Arms are welded at 6" increments with 6" between levels. The steel construction unit features lag down points and ship knockdown and holds up to 2,600 pounds of evenly distributed load.

Bin storage Cabinets

Bin Storage Cabinets are made for high-density warehouse equipment storage and for organizing electrical components and mechanical parts. These cabinets offer quick access to contents and maintain cleanliness and security. The bins are manufactured from durable polyethylene with molded-in back hook for secure hanging. The front edges are lowered for better visibility and easier part picking. When not in use, the bins can be stacked on shelves, worktables, carts, or other flat surfaces. Bin storage cabinets come in three sizes: 60" wide, 48" wide and 36" wide, each with different configurations of bins and/or shelves.

Warehouse storage equipment is designed to anticipate any number of supplies, products, components, or substances your facility will need to safely and efficiently organize and store. It must also be highly adaptive to any number of factory and warehousing environments, because supplies and equipment stored in a warehouse vary greatly per location and industry. Tools used for storage must make the most efficient use of space and minimize time and safety hazards involved in accessing stored materials.
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