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Earn Lots Of Cash With Online Paid Surveys

Jun 26, 2008
All over the Internet you will find ads that say, Earn Money Taking Online Paid Surveys and you may be wondering whether this is a legitimate business opportunity or not; in most cases these are legitimate but it you may not make a fortune in doing it.

Many research companies have worked with consumer interests for years so many of them are well known. For instance, most people remember the Nielsen ratings of the 60s and 70s and these were people who monitored what you watched on television. Nielsen is still doing surveys but the Internet has allowed them to do these more easily through the web. This way, they can find more people in a shorter amount of time.

The challenge with online paid surveys is that there are many sites that promise you a list of places that accept your information but they are not necessarily worth purchasing. Most of these programs are just selling information that you can get for free by doing your own web research.

Although many online paid surveys are legitimate, money isn't the only way they pay. Many of them give the consumer token rewards in the form of goods, services, coupons or samples which isn't what most people want. Others will enter your name in a sweepstakes every time you answer a survey.

There are other online paid surveys that ask you to look at certain ads on the web and they will pay a few cents for you to read the ad. However, you make more money with them if you will advertise their site. For everyone who comes to their site to sign up, you receive a percentage. These are very difficult because it takes hundreds of these ads for you to make a few dollars. Some won't pay unless you make at least $25 which takes awhile.

Some sites will ask you to pay a membership fee to belong to them, which will let you know that they aren't going to do much for you. Others will ask you to do a survey, but you will need to pay for something like a product, a service or a small book of information and then take a short survey about your experience. Although this is a legitimate service, many people will not want to spend the extra money.

All survey sites will ask information about you to see whether you fit their demographics when a survey is available. This means they will ask you your name, phone number, age and other pertinent information, then send you email notices when there is a survey available.

Online paid surveys won't make enough money to quit your job, but they can give you hours of enjoyment. You will be helping others and getting something in return and you can tell your friends about the ones you like the best.
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