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The Advantages Offered by Social Media Marketing to Any Internet Marketing Campaign

Bob Withers
Jun 26, 2008
Social Media Marketing is the process of promoting your website or business through social media channels and it is a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention and massive amounts of traffic.

Social Media Optimization has been defined as the process of refining a website (optimizing it) so that its awareness and content are easily spread through social mediums and online communities by users and visitors of the website.

Social Media Marketing is a great addition to any traditional SEO work that you do, but it's not a substitute. It's an excellent way to get people to come to your site to take a look at what you have to offer and it isn't difficult to implement. It's fast becoming one of the most effective ways of marketing online.

Social Media Marketing is the new buzzword online, and social media sites are becoming increasingly more popular. It's a very effective way of attracting links to your site and is very cost effective when compared with paid advertising and other forms of online marketing. And the rewards can be much greater.

Social Media Marketing is a great way to build long term sustainable, natural social media traffic and search engine rankings. Social networking in particular, creates a conversation with your target audience, providing you the opportunity to virally market your website through the chatter that can be created.

Social Media is better than branding and customer service because of the interaction it provides with your customers. It does not provide instant results and it will take some time before you will realize its effectiveness; however, its power lies in its ability to engage the right kind of participants and is about maintaining your brand and your reputation.

Social Media Marketing provides an easy way to build back links but it certainly doesn't replace making titles unique or setting up a good internal linking structure. Another way to view social marketing is as word of mouth, but at the speed of sound.

Social Media also afford the long-term opportunity for companies to develop and use online networks for providing information their customers find interesting, or amusing, or useful. Social media shouldn't be about how many people you can engage, but about how engaged can you make those people.

It changes the dynamics of not only marketing but business and Social Media marketing campaigns can include a variety of components and platforms.

It's important to remember you can't simply launch a Social Marketing campaign and assume your target audience will find you and engage in a conversation. It takes time and effort to establish a relationship and eventually gain the trust of the target audience.

Social Media can help you achieve results, either directly, by delivering information that leads visitors to your site, or indirectly, if the links provided are found by the search engines and give your pages a boost in regular search engine rankings.

Social Media Marketing isn't intended as a replacement for traditional marketing and is not the final frontier of marketing, as we know it, but offers many advantages to the Internet Marketer.
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