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Technology, Internet & The Influence Of It All

Jun 26, 2008
Time and tide may be two things that wait for nobody, but something else that nobody seems to be able to catch up with is technology. No matter what field you are in, whether it is media or business or medicine or travel or anything else, technology has made everyone's life a lot easier. Of all the fields, information technology has been the fastest developing.

Information technology is what makes our lives so much easier and overwhelmingly simple today. Unlike 20 years ago, when people had to store endless files in cabinets, wait for months for mail and rely on the nearby shops to buy everything they need, we now have virtual file storage, email and instant messaging and almost all businesses have an online presence and buying is simply a matter of having a credit card or online secure payment method.

Everything from preparing simple documents, calculating complex functions and imaging to streaming audio and video, instant communication and e-commerce, information technology has ushered in a new era for the human existence. The internet has grouped the entire world into one giant community and as it stands at present, nothing seems impossible.

From application development and computer networking to database management and sophisticated websites, the influence of information technology is everywhere you go. Let's take a look at how much it has become a part of our everyday use of the internet.

Communication: Over the last couple of decades, things have changed so much, but now we take communicating over the internet for granted. Things have evolved a lot from the first messages sent through the command prompt! Emails, IMs, video conferencing - all these have taken over from conventional forms of communication, like telegrams and mail. Now that the internet and mobile phone technology have been integrated, another step forward has been taken.

E-Commerce - Who hasn't heard of ebay, amazon, paypal and clickbank? Promoting, buying and selling online are no longer seen as something phenomenal. It's quite the ordinary way to find anything, anytime and get it delivered right to your doorstep. Through web-based order forms and secure payment gateways, online stores give enough leverage for you to become an avid shopper without ever leaving home.

Devices: All devices, no matter what, will soon get internet connectivity. Phones already have it. Whether they use an integrated GPRS or need broadband connections, everything gives you the net in moments. Isn't it reasonable to expect that soon enough, your oven and stove will tell you what to cook, and the fridge will tell you to stick to your diet when you open it? Companies like Samsung and LG are doing extensive research in such areas.

With the advance in technology and the subsequent growth of the internet, there's no limit to what humanity can achieve over the coming years.
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