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Something in the Pipeline? Guide to Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry

Jun 26, 2008
Oil and gas have long played an important role throughout world history and now are clearly among the world's most important resources. The Oil and Gas Industry has come along way from the original discovery of underground oil deposits in salt wells by the Chinese in around 500BC and the establishment of the first commercial oil refinery in Romania in the mid 19th Century.

Today we see a global multi-billion dollar industry impacting to a greater or lesser degree on almost every facet of 21st Century life. As is continually highlighted in the business and mainstream media, the industry plays a critical role in driving the global economy. Petroleum is used as a source for numerous products, in addition to serving as the world's primary fuel source whilst natural gas is the fastest growing energy source with consumption projected to rise by almost 70 percent by 2025.

The processes and systems involved in producing and distributing oil and gas are highly complex, capital-intensive and require state-of-the-art technology. These systems also require an extensive breadth of expertise applied in an incredible range of jobs across the planet to ensure its continued success. Oil and Gas jobs search offer a huge range of fascinating roles including positions in exploration, drilling and extraction, transportation and storage, mechanical, electrical and project engineering. As the industry is so wide-ranging, the list of different positions available is almost endless; however, some job titles include:

* Engineering geologist
* Environmental manager
* Geoscientist
* Mudlogger
* Petroleum engineer
* Wellsite geologist
* Cartographer
* Drilling engineer
* Health and safety adviser
* Information scientist
* Market researcher (qualitative/quantitative)
* Statistician
* Systems/business analyst
* Trader (equities, FX, futures, bonds)
* Training and development officer/manager.

Let's look in greater detail at a number of these roles.

Geoscientists: Providing the foundation for the discovery of exploitable reserves of natural resources such as oil and gas, a geoscientist interprets geophysical, geochemical and geological data to develop models of the earth's subsurface. Not only are they involved in the exploration and appraisal of new fields, feasibility studies and field development planning, but also in optimising recovery of the producing field. Job titles such as geophysicist, geochemist and sedimentologist are also used for specialist roles within geoscience.

Engineering geologists: Offer detailed technical analysis and broad scientific site impact assessments. They assess the integrity of natural conditions prior to major construction schemes and advise on necessary procedures and appropriate construction materials.

A Mudlogger (or logging geologist or mudlogging geologist) collects and monitors information from drilling operations, such as drilling data including speed of rotation, rate of penetration, pump rate, cutting rate, mud flow rate.

Production/Operations managers are responsible for efficiency, quality, costing and control of industrial processes. An important part of a Production Managers job is co-ordinating and liaising with other industry professionals such as Construction Engineers, Project Managers and Engineers, Commissioning Professionals, Maintenance, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers as well as Piping and Drilling experts.

The Oil and Gas Industry really is a "something for everyone" type of industry: an immense industry with a vast reach and vast range of opportunities.
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