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Online Marketing 101 - What Does It Take To Succeed Online?

Jun 26, 2008
With the current state of our economy, a strong trend has emerged where millions of working people are looking for a genuine way to supplement their incomes. Online marketing offers anyone the opportunity for success. But what does it really take to succeed online?

Because of this painful experience, I was extremely skeptical that setting up a successful internet business, could be possible for anyone just starting out, or for someone that had failed over and over again as I had.

As more and more people attempt to succeed online, more internet failures occur due to lack of training and knowledge. I was just one of countless millions, trying all kinds of programs to learn exactly how to generate and income online. After hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, I almost gave up and determined that internet marketing was only for the gifted with computers.

These companies offered helpful information and provided websites to assist me with marketing my business on the internet. But what I thought would be a manageable task of advertising my site, soon became a nightmare.

This company built me a website to generate sales and all I had to do was advertise my website and follow up with prospects. It all sounded too easy, and my gut instinct was correct when I discovered that operating an online business can become an insurmountable task for the inexperienced.

So after falling short of my goals with my coastal vacations travel business, I put my business on the back burner and took a few months off to look at how internet marketing really works. I accepted the fact that I wasn't going to make money with anything online until I learned how other successful entrepreneurs really run their businesses.

I soon realized that reading and applying what I had learned without anyone to walk me thru it would prove to make internet marketing for my travel website a major source of frustration.

The problem wasn't the service or products I was offering. The problem was that without the ability to learn and implement marketing, nobody even knew my website existed! So after enduring continual obstacles I decided to put my coastal travel business on hold, until I could learn more about promoting a website properly.

I looked endlessly online for information to help me become a better marketer and to generate free traffic to my website, so I could start making money and recoup my investment. After looking everywhere online, I ended up coming full circle to where I started. I decided to give my sponsor another opportunity to help me now that I was not so new and had learned what I thought to be "the basics."

After trying to understand numerous internet marketing techniques I had read online, I decided I needed to hire a company to help with promoting my website until I could learn more about promoting a website properly.

With coastal I had failed to reach my goals and even when I attempted a second valiant effort, my sponsor was nowhere to be found. So there I was looking at yet another program promising the training and support I had been told would be there time and time again.

EDC Gold was a new company that had just launched and clearly was demonstrating value to their members. They offered anyone the opportunity to learn internet marketing free before paying anything to join.

My sponsor had actually quit the business, so I wasn't ready to believe the right mentor could make all the difference. But after reading about the free training EDC Diamond provides on the link I found, I was impressed upon to once again get my hopes up. I decided to find out what the EDC Training Webinars were all about and if they could help me with my existing internet business.

Once I attended a webinar on a Tues night, I noticed that The EDC Diamond Company was not pushing products, or trying to sell me anything. Instead, they actually focused on teaching internet newcomers, and seasoned pros, on how to successfully promote their own website online. Their training and knowledge truly spoke volumes about the company.

Quite honestly, I was shocked that not once during any of the webinars and training calls I attended did they use hype, testimonials or impassioned sales pitches to sell me anything! They just continued week after week, to introduce easy to understand marketing methods, to assist both their free and paid members.

I soon discovered that EDC Diamond offered training 7 days a week that could fit anyone's schedule. So I continued attending the free training with the intention of using their insight for my existing program. I was too skeptical to believe in starting yet another program, and was not about to spend another dime until I knew if their marketing training truly worked. I spoke with a helpful and knowledgeable top earner in EDC Gold that walked my through the step by step system they have in place for new entrepreneurs, but again evaded joining.

However, after using the edc training for a few days I made a sale for my coastal vacations business and the rest is history. I was left with little choice other than joining EDC Diamond since it was more affordable and offered more training than my coastal travel business.

I made the decision to start my EDC Gold business and now make a consistent income online. If you are tired of being burned by programs that purport to offer tons of assistance, yet require you to pay before joining, I encourage you to learn about EDC Gold and EDC Diamond as I have.
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According to the georgia institute of technology, home businesses are expected to increase 200% by 2010. A recent survey online indicates owning a home based business is a viable solution. The economy is in a recession. According to the recent study, millions are desperately looking for legitimate ways to supplement their incomes. edc diamond or edc Gold
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