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Restore Old Photos Using Photoshop

Jun 26, 2008
Memories are precious and photos often hold these remembrances of times past. Since photos often become damaged through the passing of time, photo restoration is often sought as a way to save these memories. Pictures can become blurred; the color may fade and photos may even suffer from scratches and marks. Technology has come a long way, now offering a solution to these problems. Photo restoration is now available to everyone with the goal of saving and restoring their photos with the assistance of Photoshop.

The Elements in Photoshop, which are the Dust and Scratch Filter can eliminate marks and blotches in the photograph. Located on the Menu Bar, find the Dust and Scratches Filter and click on the Filter Tab. A drop down menu will appear listing the elements. Choose the Noise Tab and select Dust and Scratches.

After clicking on the Dust and Scratches menu, a window will pop up with two control sliders. The first slider is for the Radius and the other one is for the Threshold. There will also be another window if the preview box will be checked. These are the main options that will be used in treating the picture.

Adjusting the Radius slider may remove the scratches. However, there is a tendency that overdoing it may make the edges blurred too. If that happens, the option is to adjust the Threshold slider and this will allow the details to go back and make the picture clearer with the scratches disappearing. The person should be careful not to set them too far or it will only create blotches on the picture.

In removing the marks, selecting the whole photo will not diffuse these marks. The option is to select only the part where the scratches are located. He may use the Lasso to do this.

You can then feather the edges of the chosen area so that the selected area will not be apparent on the picture. You can do this by clicking the Feather option and click the Scratch and Dust Filter again. You can repeat the process of adjusting the Radius and Threshold sliders to get the texture desired and do away with the scratches.

Should there still be noticeable marks in other areas of the photo, repeat all of the steps, choosing one portion of the photo at a time for adjustment. You can crop the image to remove any cracks and torn edges of the picture to complete the process. The canvas feature can be used to evenly crop the photo.

You can also add other features such as a drop shadow for heightened drama to the photo. This will add dimension to the picture and make it appear to lift off of the page. The color may also be removed by steps Shift+Ctrl+U. Different color techniques can then be added for eye-catching appeal. One such effect is achieved by adding a small amount of Sepia tone through the Hue or Saturation tab. This will provide an antiqued effect while still maintaining a classic look. The contrast can be adjusted by using the Levels option.

These are easy steps toward your photo restoration solution. Photoshop offers a user friendly program that packs quite a punch against scratches and marks that could otherwise ruin your treasured keepsakes. Now you have the means to restore these photos for display in albums or picture frames for everyone to enjoy.
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