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Data Entry Jobs - the ABCs Explained!

Jun 26, 2008
A lot of people wonder about data entry jobs as it can seem a little vague when you're not in the industry. Here are the ABCs all explained for your convenience.

In this era of fast expanding internet network, a search through any of the top search engines like Google or Yahoo will open up several hundred, if not thousand jobs. Before you venture into this segment, it is necessary that you have a fair understanding of what it takes and how you can benefit from it.

What are data entry jobs?

There are several million web sites under the World Wide Web. For each web site, there are multiple pages too. Some web sites even have hundreds of pages and are sometimes called web portals. All these need a variety of information to be manually entered before they can be appropriately incorporated into the web site. Apart from this, internet is also an excellent medium for advertisers. Internet advertisement is not only relatively cheap, but also provides the maximum number of "eye pairs" (an ad man's lingo). Each of these advertisements needed to be manually entered into the templates before finding their way into the respective web site/s. Yet another segment for data entry is form filling like in the case of insurance claim processing. In the U.S.A. alone, several million insurance claims are processed annually. All these data entry jobs call for a large number of data entry operators.

Who can do it?

Anyone with some basic education, typing speed and some common sense can hope to grab his share of this huge pie. Except some minimum age criterion, there are no major qualifications stipulated for this type of jobs. So long as you are able to receive your assignments via e-mail or sometimes even hard copies, and deliver the finished work on time, you can be a successful candidate. Data entry jobs and similar internet based jobs are best suited for people who can gainfully employ their leisure time in an organized manner. These jobs can also be considered as a full time occupation if that is your choice.


Normally, data entry jobs do not call for any major training. But, if you feel the necessity of training, many of the companies offering these data entry options also have their training modules providing step by step training.

How to succeed

You should browse the internet sites to identify the opportunities and then apply to those which suit you. It is necessary to remember that data entry jobs are offered on the world wide platform and therefore you are up against competition from a very large population. This is not to frighten you away from data entry jobs because the volume of work available is also equally large, if not larger. Normally, when you are seeking a job, data entry job, or whatever other job, there should be no fee payable to get that work. However, in some exceptional cases, some companies bring several of these opportunities under one banner to offer a wide choice to you. Such companies charge an upfront fee to cover their management expenses. You should exercise your own due diligence before opting to work with, or work through these companies doing data entry jobs.
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