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Jun 26, 2008
Organic and Natural are two forms of traffic. It seems people don't have a clear understanding as to what the differences are between natural and organic traffic. As for definitions and examples, Ill give you what I know about these sorts of traffic "patterns" if you will. Natural traffic is paid traffic. Paid gets broken down to various categories including banners, email marketing, search engine ads etc. Organic traffic gets broken down into multiple categories as well. These include organic search engine traffic, word of mouth, people guessing your URLs and so on and so forth. What i mean by guessing your URLs is really the luck of the draw type of situation. Say someone is looking for cars, they could type in cars and end it with dot com, and the lucky soul who owns this domain will receive the traffic made from that.

I don't really think this happens very often. I know when I'm searching for something online I very rarely type the direct url in unless I know its an actual site. Example Amazon, Google, eBay, Yahoo! etc. Usually I go straight to Google and search whatever it is I want to find. In the end I think its best to have a mixture of both natural and organic traffic. So when your doing a business online, try to do it so that when your site is shown to someone it is done by doing either/both organic or natural. I see absolutely nothing wrong with paying for traffic. This includes adding your site(s) to directories, sponsor programs, buying PPC traffic, featured ads etc. As long as your sure its quality traffic, then I don't really feel like this is a bad practice per se.

On the other hand when you pay for traffic your also taking what could be a very large gamble with your money. If you buy traffic from a web site or company and don't know how well it will handle, you could potentially lose money in the process of trying to earn money. In this case always check out the sites beforehand. Anytime you have any sort of a website online you want to make sure its search-able by people and search engines, optimized correctly, and people know about it!

Also, a great domain doesn't always mean a great success. It helps. After all your more prone to remember underthesun dot com rather than supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dot com (i need a spell check every time) but if supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dot com has better content, better page rank, better optimization etc, and underthesun dot com doesn't have all these things, which one do you think will show up more? Which one will people visit more? Which one will people WANT to visit more? Most likely they will have supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dot com bookmarked on every single computer they use.

Marketing, Rank, Optimization, Quality, & Content are five really important things as well as other things Ive mentioned in this and many other articles.
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