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What Can SE Marketing and Optimization Services Do For Me?

Jun 26, 2008
Search engine marketing and optimization techniques can reward you in many different ways. Many people find out all too late that they didn't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, they could have just marketed and optimized their site correctly to begin with and they would have received numerous amounts of quality traffic. Some people spend $70k on up just to advertise ONE alone! Listen if your going to pay money and you want to pay someone to do something, pay them to optimize your site. This is one of the most important things if you want to receive traffic. So what can you expect from an SEO service? Well for one thing they will give you ideas on how to market your site and get more people to your site. Things like including relevant content rich keywords on your site, article and directory submissions, backlinks and other inbound link places.

There are certain individuals and companies out there that offer an optimization service for very little money, and its definitely NOT $70,000! Some of the best sites I know about Ive found just by searching on Google and then research them a little bit. These are 3 of my top favorite SEO services that are offered online. All three are services/companies I have personally used and have amazing results.

By the way all these sites have the "request a quote" option so be sure when you fill the form out that your completely honest and you try to get into specifics. The more they know, the more they can help you and the better the price they can quote you on.

SubmitExpress has been around since 1998 and is a site I really trust in. When I first started out online I had NO idea what SEO or SEM was and this was one of the very first companies I went to. Personally I think their prices are really fair for what they give you and their customer service is top notch!

InternetMarketPro's website is a little plain but they offer a really good honest service that I would try again if I needed some extra help boosting my websites traffic rank. As far as I know they only specialize in SEO and Web design and development. So this is a small company but you know you wont get lost in the shuffle with the 50,000 other services they offer.

ClickResponse is my last "chosen" company. Ive never tried their SEO service but I have heard it was pretty good. The service I got from them was the Website Analysis which you can get pretty much anywhere but this site was recommended to me by someone I knew and their prices were also pretty fair for what they offered.

There's many more sites out there that offer SEO and SEM services, have a look at a few the next time your searching on Google. Try keywords like "SEO Services", "Search Engine Optimization Services" or "optimization services" and you will be bombarded with tons of them. Always remember to do your research on any site before you pick the chosen one!
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