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Taking Dianabol

Jun 26, 2008
Methandrostenolone is famous for having been the most popular oral steroid of all time and is commercially known as Dianobol. In 1955 it was invented by Ciba Pharmaceuticals, an up and coming American pharmaceutical company. It is have become so popular as it is an oral steroid but it is also a derivative of testosterone and has been manipulated into having a higher anabolic effect and less androgenic side effects.

Many bodybuilders chose to take Dianabol and depending on what they are looking to achieve the dosage could vary from 10mg to 100mg per day. The more they take the higher the risk becomes as regards side effects and these could include water retention, acne, liver toxicity, aggression and or increased blood pressure.

The most effective way to use Dianabol is when taken in conjunction with deca-durabolin and testosterone, which are injectable steroids. The cycle lasts for an average of just 6 weeks so that side effects and liver damage is minimized. Low dosage cycles for longer time periods will give the best results and not the recommended high dosage short term cycle to "jump start" your cycle until injectable steroids accumulate and begin working in your system.

For instance, Dianabol could be taken at a dose of 10-20mg for an 8-10 week cycle in a very safe manner for more permanent gains, instead of the usual 50-60mg per day for 4 week cycle, which leaves the user with nothing more than massive water retention that quickly subsides upon cessation of the product.

On the whole Dianabol is used with steroid cycles should a bodybuilder be looking for massive muscle gains out of season. Should it be used with a solid weight training program and a high calorie diet, a Dianobol cycle can add round 10-20 pounds of weight during an 8 week cycle. Most of the gains of dianabol will be remain after cessation of the cycle, although Some of that weight will be water retention and some fat.
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