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Using Keywords In Your Link Building Campaigns

Jun 27, 2008
Many webmasters forget the basics when it comes to link building. An incoming link that does not contain keywords or phrases in its anchor text is nothing more than a poorly designed link, and can hinder the over all potential of your placement on the SERPs. The bottom line in your SEO efforts is achieving high ranking for your site and its pages. You wouldn't omit relevant keywords in your sites Meta content, so why limit your site efficiency with poorly designed anchor text in your inbound links?

It is common practice to develop 'copy text' for your sites banner ads, sales letters and related items, so it makes perfect marketing sense to create keyword rich anchor text for the use in your one way links. Many incoming links are the result of a Webmaster or SEO admin who finds value in the content on your site. In most cases, they add a link on their site pointing to yours with a simple link of text that in most case is your site's name or URL. This method has the visual appearance of being a valid link, but what is missing is the real power of your site's keywords or phrases.

If your site deals with selling Florida vacation packages, you would want keywords and as many possibilities used in your sites backlinks. If you are buying links for your site, then it is only a matter of contacting the site and changing your linking preferences. If on the other had you discover a new inbound link to your site that has weak anchor text, you should send a friendly email to the Webmaster thanking him for his link to your site, and then ask him to edit the anchor text using your keyword rich copy. Keep in mind that having variation in anchor text is as important as they are in your keyword use in your Meta content.

There are also quite a few linking scripts available that will display an easy to use copy & paste line of code that can be added to almost anywhere on your site. If you are on a budget, then creating a simple image or text link that asks for visitors to link to your site is another option.

Controlling how your incoming links are seen on the SERPs is paramount to achieving prominent placement, and the key is using keyword rich anchor text at all times.
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