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Liberty League - The Review Part 1

Jun 27, 2008
Stop. Before you join Liberty League read over this article from top to bottom. After you've read this review you will clearly know whether Liberty League is right for you.

Liberty League has been around now for seven years. Now it's for this reason that we need to go and take a really good look at Liberty League before we decide to join. The truth here is that any company that's been around as long as Liberty League has is going to be doing things the old way which is probably no longer the best way.

Companies like Liberty League that have been around for so long are most likely going to be MLM. A MLM company is a company that has three levels or more that you can join and be a member with. The three levels for Liberty League are Beyond Freedom, The Liberty Conference, and The Summit Conference.

The problems with MLM companies like Liberty League is you will usually wind up spending more money than you are going to make with these companies. The only way to make good money with these companies is to reach the top level and with Liberty League it's going to cost you a lot of time and money.

It's sad but true that most of the people that join Liberty League are going to run out of money while trying to make there way to the top. The amount of people that don't make it with Liberty League is staggering. A total of 98%.

A main reason that Liberty League is hard to make money with is because of the design of their compensation program. They have a pass up program which simply means for each level you rise with the company you're going to have to pass up your first sales to your sponsor. This with the fact that Liberty League is also an MLM makes things even worse.

With the Beyond Freedom program you have to pass up your first two sales. With the Liberty League Conference you have to pass up your first four sales. Last with the Summit Conference you have to pass up four more sales. This gives you a total of 10 sales that you have to pass up to your sponsor.

So with Liberty League to be at the top level we now know that you need to pass up a total of ten of your sales. You're not going to want to know how much money this comes out to but I'll go ahead and tell you. The grand total and this is a minimum by the way comes out to $82,000 that you will pass up to your Sponsor. Your Liberty League Sponsor is going to love you for this.

So now can you see why most people simply don't succeed with Liberty League. You can't really get much worse than Liberty League and their success rate of only 1-2%. The good thing is that there are companies out there that you don't have to spend your life savings to get in on and you can make a great deal of money with these companies. Newer companies out there have better compensation programs that blow away older companies like Liberty League and their compensation program. Look into my blogs to find out more about why I said no to Liberty League and yes to other companies.
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Check out Tom's Blog on why he said no to Liberty League and learn tips and techniques that beginners can use to make money. Cool part is - He gives away all the info for free. Check it out here. Liberty League.
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