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SEO Jigsaw Glossary, Part B - A to Z SEO Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Jun 27, 2008
Part B - SEO Jigsaw have compiled a new search engine optimization glossary within the sub-pages of their new website. Our glossary is dedicated to the different search engine optimization terms and definition currently doing the circuit within the search engine optimization community.

Part B; Search Engine Optimization Glossary terms beginning with B:

Back links:

1. A Back Link is a HTML link from another site back to your site.

2. A Back Link is placed from one webmaster to another.

3. A back Link is a link that points to your site.

4. A Back Link is very important for SEO purpose.

5. A Back Link are also called inward links, in links, inbound links or incoming links.

Bait and Switch:

1. Bait and Switch is a tactic where you offer to sell an excellent product at a very good price.

2. Bait and Switch is a well known link building strategy, works well with viral marketing.

3. Bait and Switch is considered to be a spam technique when used in SEO.

4. Bait and Switch is not good for ranking.

5. Bait and Switch is advertising something that you do not intend to sell.

Balanced Content:

1. Set content structure of paragraphs and sentences.

2. Page title, paragraph title and content.

Banner Ad:

1. Banner Ads are different because they are random.

2. Banner Ads are sold as a CPM basis or on a CPC basis.

3. Banner Ads are typically bought in-conjunction with keywords.

4. Banner Ads can be available for download and placement on a third parties website.

5. Banner Ads are straight HTML text ads that appear in a floating windows.

Bid Management Tool:

1. Bid Management Tool is a software application that allows advertisers to manage PPC keyword bidding.

2. Bid Management Tool is designed to manage extremely large keyword lists.

3. Bid Management Tool is a software that will categories your keyword lists.


1. Payment term for goods, services or products provided.

2. recurrent monthly payment term.

Black List:

1. Black List is part of the spam protection that tells the filter not to allow through.

2. Black List is the list of unwanted windows, titles and URL's.


1. Blog is also known as a web log.

2. Blog is your own resume.

3. Blogs are a new marketing vehicle.

4. Blog is an indirect form to gain clicks to your website.


1. Sitewide link within blog page structure.

Body Copy:

1. Body Copy is the last part of an ad to be completed.

2. Body Copy is where your actual selling is done.

3. Body Copy is any printing on the tab sheet other than the tab extension.

Bold Text:

1. To highlight a word or phrase to a potental customer.

2. To highlight and combine with hyperlink.

3. Combination of keyword or phrase with hyperlink.

Bold Underline:

1. SEO technique combined with Bold Text.

2. Combined with hyperlink of keyword or phrase.


All of the SEO glossary terms taken to compile this article are just a cross section of SEO terms and definitions currently out their in the search engine optimization community. As I compile this article I am amazed by some of the terms and definitions that I am finding.
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